Handgun's calls Harrisburg, PA their home but it's little more than a landing pad for junk mail. Over the past three years the band has married themselves to the road. Doing everything from DIY runs in basements to sold out gigs at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, the band has worked tirelessly to build what is now a solid and devote family of fans. "Angst" is the band's debut full length and marks a huge step in their progression from a basement dwelling pop punk band to a solid and polished rock outfit that balances both a sugary hook and a driving rhythm section. It's obvious that pop punk is back, and albums like "Angst" make it clear that it's here to stay.
FFO: Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far
Pure Noise Records
£ 5,99
HANDGUNS - Disenchanted - CD
Following the success of their 2014 album, Life Lessons, and a laundry list of shows and tours, the Harrisburg, PA boys are back with a stellar new album. The fast-paced, emotionally driven album is not a far calling from Handguns past works, where lyricism has played a major part in the adding depth and uniqueness to their music in a flooded pop punk scene.
FFO: Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Neck Deep
Pure Noise Records
£ 5,99
HANDGUNS - Life Lessons - CD
Handguns, the hardest working pop punk band in the game, are back with their second full length album titled ''Life Lessons.'' Far and away their best album to date, ''Life Lessons'' was produced and engineered by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Dangerous Summer) and is packed with punk rock anthems, sing alongs, and to no surprise, Angst. 
FFO: Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far
Pure Noise Records
£ 5,99
90's metalcore is back!. "Heresy" comes with 10 song: 9 new ones plus 1 coversong from the notorious Liar of H8000 Belgium. 10 songs of aggressive strong influences between hardcore, trash to death metal. Grab this and play it at maximum volume, expect the unexpected cause they're coming in hard!.
FFO: Liar, Heaven Shall Burn, Congress, In Flames, Sunrise 
MMW29 - Mark My Words Records
£ 7,99
HARD MIND - Corrupted Souls - CD
After two self-released CDEP´s entitled "Trust no one" (2016) and "Justice by myself" (2014) the French heavy Hardcore band Hard Mind celebrates their 5th year of existence with the full-length debut on FWH Records. "Corrupted souls" is an aggressive, straight up, hard as a brick bastard somewhere between the old French Tuff Guy Fury like Stormcore and A.W.O.L., brutal US Hardcore like Shattered Realm and Lifeless and modern Euro Beatdown like Balboa and Nasty. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stu McKay at Studio6 (also Ingested, Desolated and Malevolence).
Filled With Hate Records
£ 8,99
HARD RESISTANCE – 1994 Retrospective 2014 - 2xCD
To celebrate their 20th anniversary Hard Resistance brings you 20 classic Hard Resistance songs from day one until present day, re-recorded and mixed in a new explosive sound!! Metallic hardcore, firmly rooted in classic NYHC. The newer songs do seem to be a lot more focused as the band now knows exactly which triggers to pull for maximum body count. Killer digipak packaging gives all praise to the rich history of this band.
FFO: Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Pro-Pain and Cro-Mags
WTF Records
£ 10,99
HARD WORK - Not One Step Back - CD
Long established hxc band from Silesia, Poland (started in 1995!).  Energetic and powerful oldschool hardcore mixed with new school bits.
FFO: Madbvall, No Turning Back, Barcode, Knuckledust
Spook Records
£ 5,99
HEARTFELT - Strange New World - MCD
Last songs ever recorded (spring 2017). Unluckily band said "enough" same year.  More metal, more core.
FFO: Morning Again, Kindred, Slayer and all that good stuff.
Members of Heartfelt are still active in bands like Devour, Titan ...
Mark My Words Records
£ 5,99
Metalheads with hardcore roots. Slaughter of the innocence. One of the best in this style. This is thier 3rd full album (2004).
FFO: Day Of Suffering, Amon Amarth, Brutal Truth, Caliban
Century Media / Lifeforce Records
£ 4,99
HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Whatever It May Take - CD
Metalheads with hardcore roots. Slaughter of the innocence. One of the best in this style. This is their 2nd full album (2001).
FFO: Day Of Suffering, Amon Amarth, Brutal Truth, Caliban
Lifeforce Records
£ 4,99
HIT THE LIGHTS - Summer Bones - CD
Hit The Lights has been a pop punk main stay for nearly fifteen years. Summer Bones is their fourth studio album and was recorded with engineer producer Kyle Black (Paramore, Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals).  ''Summer Bones'' is the album Hit The Lights fans have been waiting for, a true return to form chock full of pop punk bangers and ballads. 
FFO: State Champs, Neck Deep and The Story So Far
Pure Noise Records
£ 5,99
HOLD THE CROWN - Hold The Crown - CD
Hold The Crown was founded in the summer of 2013 in the west side of Belgium (H8000 Crew). Ths is a debut album released by band on CD and vinyl. Solid mix of old school 90’s style hardcore with slight metal influences.
FFO: Next Step Up, Ringworm, Merauder, Vietnom…
£ 10,00
HUMAN DEMISE - Of Wicked Men And Their Devices CD
A new episode of raging and trashing holy terror metalcore!! Sick, anger-spitting lyrics with heavy guitar parts and bone crushing drum parts plus their singer has got one hell of a throat; his downright spine-chilling screams fit the ominous atmosphere perfectly.
FFO: Ringworm, Integrity, Strife, Kickback, Pulling Teeth, Clevo / Holy Terror
WTF Records
£ 6,99
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