APPROACH - s/t - 7"

Hardcore punk youth crew straight edge from Santiago, Chile.
FFO: Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, Constrict

Amendment Records
£ 2,50
BAND OF MERCY - Veganocracy - 7"
Vegan hardcore band from Houston, TX. BOM shares members with Die Young and Florida`Axis. Guest guitar solo appearance by Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis.
Death Truth Recordings / Ugly And Proud Records
£ 4,00
BETTER TIMES - Better Measures - 7"
Buffalo straight edge hardcore. 
Featuring ex members of Our Times.
FFO: Youth OF Today, Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits ..
Commitment Records 
£ 3,00
BIG CHEESE - Aggravated Mopery - 7"
Big Cheese fly the flag for the New Wave of British Hardcore and hail from various parts of ‘The North’ of the UK. Members are also currently in bands such as Higher Power, Blind Authority and Rapture, and have previously played in Violent Reaction and Shrapnel. Mastered by the legendary Don Fury NYC! 
FFO: Killing Time, Leeway, Altercation, Warzone, Breakdown
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
BREATH IN - s/t - 7"
Five tracks ofabrasive raw and dirty harcore punk with a melodic edge that elevates BREATHE IN above their peers. This is the follow-up to their LP on Bridge Nine records.
Assault Records
£ 2,50
BRING OUR DEMISE - Web Of Liberation - 7"
Militant vegan straight edge one-man 90’s style metalcore project from the US.
Members of Eco-Defense League, xEradicatex, The Cambodian Heat, 
FFO: Prayer For Cleansing, Undying & Earth First
Bound By Modern Age Records / HEAL Records
£ 4,50
CONTRA TODOS MIS MIEDOS - Santiago / Valparaíso 7"
South American hc/punk. This Chilian band brings some Sonic Youth or late Black Flag vibes to their stamp 90's hardcore influenced sound.
FFO: Snapcase, Sonic Youth, Black Flag
Amendment Records
£ 3,00
DAMAGE II - Broken Bloodlines - 7"
DAMAGE began in 2000, a philly sxe raw and to-the-point hardcore group. They released an EP through Deathwish Inc. In 2001 that became very sought afer for awhile, then they got back in 2003 as Damage II for a final 4 song EP entitled "Broken Bloodlines", 5 minutes length no frills that will leave your head bangin' like a bobble head toy.
Dead By 23 Records
£ 2,50
DEVOUR vs. REIGN - split - 7"
Belgium's 90s metalcore defenders xDEVOURx meets San Diego vegan straight edge warrior squad xREIGNx. The 7" features two songs from each band.
FFO: Edge-metal, oldschool metalcore and 90s
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 6,00
EMBITTER - Season Of Solitude - 7″
Polish metallic 90’s hardcore band, featuring (ex-) members of bands like Incitement, Outbound, Heatseeker, etc.Sometimes melodic and sometimes chugging, but always nineties. Great debut.
FFO: Congress, Unbroken, Morning Again
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
ENGAGE - When Will This End - 7"
Engage are an amazing old school hardcore band from sunny Dundee, Scotland. Named in 1999 as 'UK's best kept hardcore secret' they have been amazing people all over with their music since.
FFO: Ensign, Outlast
Skipworth Records
£ 2,00
ENVISION - A World Unseen - 7"
This new SXE band from South Florida plays melodic 90's hardcore."We took influence from all over the place, including groups like Tension, Outspoken, Unbroken, and Spawn... and tried to make something a little different than what we’d done in our other bands. A big goal was being unafraid to take risks musically and try some more out there sort of stuff while still staying true to the nature of the band which is: hardcore."
Featuring members of Ecostrike, Search For Purpose, Elegy, Drawing Last Breath and probably every other current SFLHC band.
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 5,99
FORESEEN - Power Intoxication /​ Dying Spirit - 7"
Finland’s Finest Foremost Frashband Foreseen return after their crushing Helsinki Savagery LP with a two song 7” taking their metallic crossover style to new hardcore punk territory ala Cro Mags. Throbbing breakdowns and guitar screams punch through a cacophony of cymbals and snare rolls as drummer Mårten Gustafsson channels the precision blasting of legends like Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and Dave Lombardo. All this plus a classic 80s heavy metal production. 
FFO: Exodus, D.R.I., Cro-Mags
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
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