RADIANCE - Radiance - CDEP
Fresh blood from Krakow, PL.
FFO: New Age Records, Outspoken etc.
Brilliant 4 songs. 90s hardcore !!!
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
RAKSASAS - Bleed For What It Is Worth - CD
European metalcore the way it was meant to be: Just the right amount of metal, just the right amount of hardcore. There are tons of burly chord progressions, tons of Slayer-esque riffs, a good dose of tasteful melody, brutal vocal growls, great emotion vocals. Love it! Plus amazing version of Filler (Minor Threat)!
FFO: Renounced, Maroon, Narzis, Caliban
Beniihana Records
£ 1,99
RATS WILL FEAST - Songs Of A Racehorse - MCD
New songs by Finnish post-hardcore/metal heavyweights Rats Will Feast. "Heavy jarring riffs that will throw you around the room like a ragdoll and vocals aiming bile at your poor ears"
FFO: Converge, Shai Hulud, etc.
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
REALM OF TORMENT - Those Who Don't Fear Death Never Die - CD
Second full abum but the third release for Mark My Words Records. Southampton lads keeping themselves very busy. More mature sound and much more metalcore but still the same Realm Of Torment. 
FFO: Myspace Metalcore, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, This Is Colour
 Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
REALM OF TORMENT - Ytene`s Collapse - CD
Ytene's Collapse is the 3rd LP from Southampton Mosh Metal / Metalcore act Realm of Torment,
​released through The Coming Strife Records, Essex Hardcore Fanzine & Mark My Words Records
MMW63 - Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
RENOUNCED - The Melancholy We Ache - CD
First full album from this metalcore outfit from UK. Plenty great riffs, many breakdowns and some emotions.
This band is getting bigger and better on every record.
FFO: Poison The Well, Disembodied, Martyr AD. 
Footloose Records
£ 1,99
RULE, THE - March To The Temple Of Gains - CD
 Long-awaited straight edge oi metal hardcore punk revival and debut album. True heavy metal meets oldschool sxe hardcore and 80s synthie pop. By members of Forward To Eden, Castigator, Statement, Unborn, etc.Solemnly dedicated to the cult of heavy lifting.
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
RUNEMAGICK - Evoked from Abysmal Sleep - CD

 Death/doom metal band from Ljungskile, Sweden. Originally formed as Desiderius in 1990. Their name was quickly changed to Runemagic the same year and was active until 1993. After a nearly four year hiatus, they returned as Runemagick in 1997. This is remastered and remixed version of their album Evoked from Abysmal Sleep previously released in 2018,  "Slow chugging weapon of mass metal destruction!! Incredibly well put together and executed."
Japanese version in digipack. 
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 4,99
THE RULE - Of Magic & Muscle - CD
The 2nd full-length by multi-instrumentalist Tim Rule. Fusing classic straight edge hardcore elements with 80s style heavy metal and synthwave. Dedicated to the cult of heavy lifting and embracing your nerdiness.
MMW64 - Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
xRISALEx - As The Foundations Burn​.​.​. - MCD
Debut MCD by Turkish vegan straight edge 90s style metallic hardcore outfit.
What started last year as a one-man project, now developed into a full fledged hardcore band!
FFO: Earth Crisis, Raid, Gather
Bound By Modern Age Records 
£ 2,99
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