MH CHAOS - Multiple Homefront Chaos - CDEP
MH Chaos aka Multiple Homefront Chaos was founded last year by ex-members of Bodybag, Mal Intent and Bitter Thoughts delivering groovy and hard as brick Chicago Beatdown Hardcore with outstanding vocals reminding to Neglect and Troycore legends Wartime Manner. This is a real beast representing the new wave of heavy American Hardcore besides bands like Facewreck PA, Detain, No Good Deed, 38Snub, Penitentiary, Bodybag and Co.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,99
MINDFIELD - Void of Illuminance - MCD
Two years after the debut release "Perpetual suffering", Mindfield from Jacksonville, Florida return with a brandnew MCD entitled "Void of illuminance". Their second output consists of six new tracks including special guest-vocals by Johnathan Wittle from Vatican. Musicwise "Void of illuminance" is a perfect hybrid of heavy Hardcore and catchy Thrash Metal. Groove driven arrangements team up with catchy guitar riffs.
FFO: All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Merauder, Length Of Time
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,99
MINION - Pantera - CD
Beniihana Records released so many good underrated metalcore albums and Minion`s"Pantera" is definitely of of them. This is album is just amazing. Fans of good melodic metal riffs gonna love them. German early 2000 metalcore mixed with Swedish melodic death meal scene.
FFO: In Flames, As I Lay Dying, Caliban
Beniihana Records
£ 4,99
MUAD'DIB - The Spark Marks The End - MCD
Muad'dib was a 5-piece (straight edge) hardcore/ melodic death metal band from Münster,Germany that startedin 2001. They have released one demo (2006) and this MCD on Beniihana Records. Split up in 2008.
FFO: Caliban, Narzis, Negate, Facedown
Beniihana Records

£ 4,99
NAILED DOWN - Among The Waste - CD
UPSTATE Records deliver a massive heavyhitter straight outta Central Valley, California. Nailed Down`s´s debut entitled "Among the waste" is packed with massive chugging riffs, hard as a brick breakdowns and angry pissed off vocals, blending West Coast styled Beatdown like World Of Pain and On A Warpath with metallic brutality like No Zodiac, Bodybag and Line Of Scrimmage. Don´t sleep on this facebreaking Beatdown banger.
Upstate Records
£ 7,00
NEVER ENDING GAME - Just Another Day - CD
Never Ending Game come from Detroit, and they make brutal, riff-driven, unbelievably gully hardcore. They’re not a post-hardcore, or a thrash-revival crossover band, or a band doing some kind of arty take on some historical hardcore subgenre. They’re just a fucking hardcore band. They’re the hardest fucking hardcore band. The Japanese version released by Retribute Records with one bonus song.
FFO: Old school Detroit Hardcore, Next Step Up, Cold As Life, Fury Of Five
Retribute Records 
£ 9,99
NJ BLOODLINE - Be Afraid ... - MCD
Released back in 1997 on tape and in 1999 on CD by legendary Belgium label RPP, "Be afraid" set a real mark in mid-90´s East Coast Tuff Guy Hardcore. Out of print and sold out for almost two decades it´s time to bring this masterpiece of NJHC back on the map. Get ready for six tracks of metallic Nu-Jerzee Hardcore loaded with grooves, heavy breakdowns, gruff hardass vocals and even a little Hip Hop flavour. For fans of Seconds To None, NJ Redline, Clubberlang, One Second Thought, Everybody Gets Hurt, E-Town Concrete and Fury Of Five. Songs are taken from original 1997 tape master.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 6,99
NO GOOD DEED - At the seams - MCD
With "Cease to exist" (2013) and "Step to this" (2016) the Steel City Hardcore powerhouse No Good Deed launched two heavy pieces of Pittsburgh Beatdown showing their great potential for writing straight-up hard hitting music. In summer 2018 band drops the next bomb of sheer Pittsburgh brutality including six songs appealing to everybody into slight metallic Beatdown Hardcore along the lines of Vow Of Hatred, Wolrd Of Pain, No Retreat, Ten Of Swords, LIne Of Scrimmage and Enemy Mind. 
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,00
Heavy groovy hardcore straight from Groningen, The Netherlands. 
Member of Lies! and Instil.
This is their first full length album after demo tape.
Mark My Words Records
£ 3,99
NOTHING FROM NO ONE - Requiem For Mankind - CD
"Requiem For Mankind" is the debut full length assault on 1054 Records by French heavy hitters NFNO & quite simply is an outstanding album from start to finish which is sure to be an instant hit with all fans of intelligent yet brutal riff fueled Hardcore.  Musically this album is flawless & Styx's vocal range is absolutely ridiculous !!! Add to the recipe some crazy guest vocal features & you have the perfect storm !!! 
FFO: 100 Demons, All Out War, Companion, Crowned Kings
1054 Records
£ 9,99
PRIMAL AGE vs. xMOSTOMALTAx vs. CHERISH - Kill A Theory Vol II - split - CD
Straight Edge hordes from France, Argentina and Japan on one CD in 3way split. Four songs from each band.
FFO: Edge Metal, Vegan Metal Core, 90s metalcore
Seven Eight Life / Dealight / Retribution / Vegan Records
£ 7,99
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