MALIGNANT - With Daggers Between Our Teeth - MCD
"...Drawing from the 90s-early 00s hardcore and metalcore movements we grew up listening to, and their recent revival, Malignant bring forth a real sense of metallic hardcore: Combining everything from European metalcore to myspace grindcore tributes, to beatdown and sludge, WDBOT strives to find its own distinctive sound, and fill a big void in the greek and Balkan scene, for a style that enjoys a big revival across the pond but not locally ... "
FFO: Hatebreed, Realm Of Torment, Path Of Resurgence, All Out War
Mark My Words Records / BBMA Records / KOTP Recordings
£ 0,99
MARK MY WAY - Thin The Herd - CD
New full length of this promising young hardcore band from Flanders. Their previous EPs were already worth it, but they have found their way on this record! A beautiful mix of hardcore and metal with a lot of groove in it. Lots of variety in the vocals and there is room for melody. The CD version comes in a jewel case with a 16-page booklet with the beautiful artwork of Jeroen Mylle.
Limited to 300 pieces.
FFO: H8000 !!!
Dust & Bones Records
£ 2,99
MINDFIELD - Void of Illuminance - MCD
Two years after the debut release "Perpetual suffering", Mindfield from Jacksonville, Florida return with a brandnew MCD entitled "Void of illuminance". Their second output consists of six new tracks including special guest-vocals by Johnathan Wittle from Vatican. Musicwise "Void of illuminance" is a perfect hybrid of heavy Hardcore and catchy Thrash Metal. Groove driven arrangements team up with catchy guitar riffs.
FFO: All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Merauder, Length Of Time
Filled With Hate Records
£ 1,99
MINDLOSS - Rituals for the Chasmborn - CD
Crushing 312 Chicago 4 -piece Death Metal. Complete compilation including all nine tracks they recorded so far. Limited edition import from Japan including OB strip.
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 4,99
MODERN DAY COLLAPSE - Impurity Beneath The Skin of Imperfection - CD
Worldclass metalcore straight from Manila, Philippines, Finally, this amazing album will be available on CD.
FFO: Misery Signals, 7Angels 7Plagues, Renounced
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
MOMENT OF TRUTH  - A Call Beyond - MCD
​The long-awaited return of South Florida's MOMENT OF TRUTH is here. "A Call Beyond" features five new tracks of brutal, devastating hardcore, ushering in the next stage of human evolution with a huge touch of classical Japanese Beatdown style and some Death Metal hints. Released in a limited edition of 100 jewel case copies in the USA by Ardous Path Recordings the record was sold out within a short period of time, so FWH took the chance to press a limited run for the European mainland scene. The FWH version is coming as a 4-panel digipack MCD and is strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. "A Call Beyond" is a heavy, hard-hitting piece of music and a must-have for everybody into Dying Race, Straight Savage Style, 43Urban, Dead Re-Force, Clubber Lang, One Second Thought and Denied. FWH Records
£ 4,99
Debut stuff by Tokyo based atmospheric doom death metal band Mortal Incarnation. Only two tracks (together almost 17mins) but there’s so much going on here to warrant repeat listens.  Death metal brought from the deep bowels of the earth. Cavernous, filthy and downtuned.
FFO: Spectral Voice, Sedimentum, Blood Incantation.
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 1,99
MUAD'DIB - The Spark Marks The End - MCD
Muad'dib was a 5-piece (straight edge) hardcore/ melodic death metal band from Münster,Germany that startedin 2001. They have released one demo (2006) and this MCD on Beniihana Records. Split up in 2008.
FFO: Caliban, Narzis, Negate, Facedown
Beniihana Records

£ 0,99
MY IRON LUNG - Relief - CD
Debut album from My Iron Lung. An excellent band from San Diego who blends emo post-hardcore with a heavy experimental rock resulting in a sound somewhere between Touche Amore, La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth
Pure Noise Records
£ 4,99
NEXT TO LAST - Words Of Revenge - CD
Active in the mid to end-90´s Queens NYC Castle Heights Hardcore scene besides bands like Denied, Relentless, Mindset aka Sworn Enemy, Restrain, Everybody Gets Hurt and many many more, Next To Last released a Demo and an EP in a totally DIY way just with local distribution. Around 25 years later FWH and singer Jimmy Tragic Figure decided to rerelease these classic recordings in a limited 4-panel Digipack-CD to make it worldwide available to everybody into heavy 90´s Big Apple Hardcore. Get ready for angry vocals and massive old fashioned beatdowns.
FWH Records
£ 7,99
NO GOOD DEED - At the seams - MCD
With "Cease to exist" (2013) and "Step to this" (2016) the Steel City Hardcore powerhouse No Good Deed launched two heavy pieces of Pittsburgh Beatdown showing their great potential for writing straight-up hard hitting music. In summer 2018 band drops the next bomb of sheer Pittsburgh brutality including six songs appealing to everybody into slight metallic Beatdown Hardcore along the lines of Vow Of Hatred, Wolrd Of Pain, No Retreat, Ten Of Swords, LIne Of Scrimmage and Enemy Mind. 
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,00
Heavy groovy hardcore straight from Groningen, The Netherlands. 
Member of Lies! and Instil.
This is their first full-length album after a demo tape.
Mark My Words Records

£ 0,99
NOTHING FROM NO ONE - Requiem For Mankind - CD
"Requiem For Mankind" is the debut full length assault on 1054 Records by French heavy hitters NFNO & quite simply is an outstanding album from start to finish which is sure to be an instant hit with all fans of intelligent yet brutal riff fueled Hardcore.  Musically this album is flawless & Styx's vocal range is absolutely ridiculous !!! Add to the recipe some crazy guest vocal features & you have the perfect storm !!! 
FFO: 100 Demons, All Out War, Companion, Crowned Kings
1054 Records
£ 9,99
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