LAST DAYZ - Well Dead - CD
Last Dayz kept moving forward with each release getting constantly better at their craft. With this final ep they sound more creative and skilled than ever, but they also sound more pissed off than ever. Tough, hard-hitting hardcore stripped down to the barest bones, proving that Poland should be 52nd state somewhere between NJ, PA and MI. This is a compilation of their all release including the last one.
FFO: Madball, Trapped Under Ice, Biohazard
Ratel Records
£ 5,00
LAST DROP - Compulsions - MCD
Last Drop, a five piece heavy hardcore band from Finland formed in 2015. "Compulsions" includes five brand new tracks recorded in the first part of 2018. Very catchy heavy riffs, great vocals plus parts which bring only one thing to my head -  "Hulk smash!" 
FFO: Born From Pain, Folsom, Shattered Realm
Last Drop Self-released
£ 5,00
LESS THAN ZERO - Kill For Peace - CD
Less Than Zero is a new straight edge hardcore band from Southapton / Reading area in UK. Members of Realm Of Torment, Nihility, Full Strenght. Mosh like army caps & cargo shorts are still in fashion. 
FFO: Untill The End, Firstblood, Loyal To The Grave
Mark My Words Records
£ 3,99
LIFE AFTER DEATH - Friends Fade Enemies Stay - CD
Northwest Indiana´s Life After Death return with their long awaited third output. On “Friends fade enemies stay” the band evolve their rough´n rugged straight up hardcore sound and deliver their strongest tracks so far. Angry, brash and violent combined with a great vocal style and crude melodic refrains. Everything to expect from a new Life After Death release. 
FFO: Madball, Lifeless, Born Low
Filled With Hate Records
£ 6,00
NJHC band LIFELESS - 2 years after dropping their last full length "Dream" they are back with 5 new songs on this EP released by Japan's Retribution Rec. Coming straight at you with their tested & true metallic tuff guy 90's east coast sound that they are so well known.
FFO: Shattered Realm, Merauder, Second To None, 100 Demons 
Retribute Records
£ 9,00
LIVE LIFE - You People Make Me Sick - CD
Live Life is a 5 piece hardcore band from Vienna Austria - a very active hardcore scene at the moment. Upcoming bands like Tigerblood, Companion and In The Cage combined with veteran forces Only Attitude Counts and Spidercrew are pushing the game to the next level. Live Life contains from within its members a strong DIY ethic in every aspect of the bands progress. With goals to play, tour and produce as much as possible, expect to see quite a lot from this band in the near future!
FFO: Death Before Dishonor, Terror, Agnostic Front
WTF Records
£ 7,99
LOW LIFE - You Reap What You Sow - MCD
H8000 hardcoreband with (ex-) members of Golden Bullet, Seventh Circle, Old Ivy, Soul Grip, XviciousX
FFO: Verse, Trapped Under Ice
Kick Out The Jams Records
£ 5,00
LOYAL UNTIL DEATH - Remain Defiant - CD
£ 6,50
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