The Coming Strife Zine #1

36 glossy, full-colour pages professionally printed. Limited to 100.
A look back on the first year of TCS and...
Interviews with: Domain, Raiden, Rain Of Salvation, Whispers and 7 Angels 7 Plagues.Couple new band announcements, some top 5s and more.

£ 2,99
UKHC 2 - United Kingdom Hardcore Photobook
UKHC 2 - United Kingdom Hardcore Photobook
Released by Roman Laris

Limited to 250 copies , 200 pages , Colour front / Back cover , 70 bands

Over 30 crowd shots with your smily and moshing faces of UK bands such as: Violent Reaction, Target Lock, Grove Street Families, Desolated, Who Cares?, Pints, Poisonous Cunt, Conflict, Migraines, Waco, Renounced, To The Nines, Absorption, Dead Mans Chest, Arms Race, D.T.A., Mind, War Crimes, War Master among many more.

£ 4,99
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