1125 - For When Tomorrow Comes - CD
Legendary hardcore band from Poland with their 6th album from 2008.  NY style aggressive old-school hardcore.
FFO: Schizma, Knuckledust, Backfire, Madball
Spook Records
£ 2,99
43URBAN - 187 - CDEP
FWH is proud to announce a limited Digipack-CDEP by the most mystic and obscure Beatdown band of all time... 43URBAN from Kobe City, Japan. Mostly impossible to get any releases of the band these days, FWH is re-releasing their two tunes from the "Global syndicate" Split-MCD in a limited hand-numbered edition. Many thanks to S.I.H. Recordings for making this happen. Get ready for some early Y2K dirty NYC influenced Castle Heights Beatdown along the lines of Denied, Bulldoze, 36 Deadly Fists, Irate, Restrain, One Second Thought and Standing 8 Count
Filled With Hate Records
£ 2,99
AASB - The Prelude - CDEP
Utica, hometown of AASB, is an unknown little city located in Upstate New York, in the middle between Syracuse and Albany. This fact should give the listener a first indication of their heavy Hardcore sound. "The prelude" is AASB´s debut release and conists of 5 tracks combining a traditional early 00´s Mosh sound with a modern Beatdown vibe. Think of Shattered Realm  teaming up with 100 Demons and World Of Pain.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 1,99
Debut CDEP from London boys.
Late 90s old school metalcore / edgemetal / H8000 style. 
FFO: Morning Again, Strain, Reprisal, Sunrise ...
Mark My Words Records

£ 3,99
ALTERKATION - Heaven Hath No Fury - CD
Heavy hardcore band from Freehold, New Jersey.
6-panel Digipack-CD limited to 200 handnumbered copies.
FWH Records
£ 5,99
This is the perfect indie rock/post-punk band for any occasion of listening. The slow and transcendent guitar riffs on top of heart-felt lyrics trap you in a trance that you never want to end. Nothing but good vibes from start to finish.
FFO: early Idlewild, Daytrader, The Dangerous Summer and Brand New
Pure Noise Records
£ 2,99
ANTE UP - See You In Hell - CD
In the past two decades, the Motor City Detroit underground scene generated legendary names like Cold As Life, H8Inc, Dogz Of War, Earthmover and XtyrantX. Now in 2015 it´s time for Ante Up to queue into this list of heavy Michigan Hardcore outfits with the release of “See you in hell”. On their 12-song full-length debut, Ante Up created a relentless hybrid of classical violent Detroit Hardcore with uncompromising modern Beatdown Mosh full of rage and animosity.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 2,99
ATARIS, THE  - Look Forward To Failure - CDEP
£ 0,99
BEFORE I HAD WINGS ‎– Life Has Left Us Cold - CD

The album is mainly influenced by the heavy hardcore sound of early Y2K´s bands like Black My Heart, On Broken Wings, First Blood and blend this style with a modern beatdown vibe along the lines of Nasty and World Of Pain. In one word - mosh core !
FFO: 100 Demons, On Broken Wings, Nasty ,,.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 4,99
BLACK CLOUD HALO - Born Under A Bad Sign - CD
Black Cloud Halo full length CD `Born Under A Bad Sign`  is hardrockin’, intense, heavy and mean. This band is bringing back the long lost soul in hardcore. No gimmicks, no fashion, no hype, just bass, drums, vocals, guitars and ROCK So what can you expect? 13 tracks of heavy, dark and thundering hardcore rock! Adrenalin fuelled BCH will take you on a white knuckle ride through the darker side of life! The Halo is influenced by bands such as ACDC, Blood For Blood, Clutch, Down, Cro-Mags, Poison Idea, Madball and Thin Lizzy. All these tasteful ingredients are blended into a mean and dirty sound of their own. 
£ 3,99
BLACK PALATE - Black Palate - CDEP
New band from Poland. Ex Indication.
Clevo style meets Strife.
Perfect for fans of 90s heavy hardcore.
Five great powerful songs on this debut CDEP.
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
7 new heavy Hardcore Beatdown tunes by French based beatdown outfit Blood And Sweat It´s a perfect combination of old styled NYC beatdown HC a la Denied, Bulldoze, Billyclub Sandwich with a modern sound like Nasty and Vow Of Hatered. Released as 4-panel digipack CD strictly limited to 150 copies.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 2,99
Five years after the debut full-length "Trust loyalty respect" the four-piece Blood For Betrayal from South-Germany strikes back with their long-awaited new record entitled "Restrained". Their heavy Beatdown influenced Hip Hop flavoured Hardcore from the early days evolved to a mature much darker and aggressive sound including great songwriting and angry pissed off vocals. Those ten new tracks are the perfect blend of bands like Nasty, No Zodiac, Ringworm, Xibalba and Enemy Mind. Dark metallic Hardcore with a strong Beatdown touch.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 2,99
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