7 new heavy Hardcore Beatdown tunes by French based beatdown outfit Blood And Sweat It´s a perfect combination of old styled NYC beatdown HC a la Denied, Bulldoze, Billyclub Sandwich with a modern sound like Nasty and Vow Of Hatered. Released as 4-panel digipack CD strictly limited to 150 copies.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,00
Blood Calls We Die (Yamagata. Japan)  is bringing brutal metalcore  with European edge metal influence. This album is full of thick, beefy riffs, amazing harmonies, pummeling double bass assaults and a harsh vocal delivery. 10 songs for fans of heaven Shall Burn, Embody Is Chaos, End This Day or  Maroon. 
Includes a cover song of Absence - Choice Of The Wrong !!
Retribution Network
£ 7,99
BLOODSTAINED - Headless Kingdom - CD
Started as a young Beatdown band in in the early days of existence, the five-piece evolved a much more metallic sound with reaching a high level of maturity. 10 tracks on “Headless kingdom” take the best of both worlds, Metal and Hardcore, and combine them to a beast of traditional metallic Mosh with a modern vibe. The dark vocals, sharp riffing and massive breakdowns on this release finally bring back the spirit of glorious European Metal Mosh driven by bands such as Arlangel, Kickback, Crawlspace, and Length Of Time.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 7,00

Born Anew is a hardcore band from Warsaw, Poland with member or ex members from bands like Coalition, Sunrise, Hundred Inch Shadow, Ssaki, Daymares. The new stuff is very angry and powerful with new vocalist aadded to squad. 
FFO: Terror, Down To Nothing, Death Before Dishonor
Spook Records
£ 4,99
BRAVESTAR - A Warrior´s Heart - CD
Beer. BBQ. Party. Brotherhood. Party. Hardcore. Party. These are some of the random thoughts that surface in my mind whilst listening to the debut album by Germany based Bravestar. Not only their sound is reminiscent of New York hardcore at its best, but they are also bringing this laid back attitude and fun with their music which automatically sets them apart from all the depression and stress ridden hardcore bands of today.
FFO: NYHC a’la Madball, Death Before Dishonor,Terror
£ 7,00
BRAVESTAR - Barricades - CD
Fronting the awesome artwork of Dave Quiggle on the cover, after their self-produced debut Bravestar are back with a second CD, this time released by Marked For Death Records,  singing about the things they love ! 
FFO: Madball, Death Before Dishonor, Folsom, Terror 
Marked For Death Records
£ 7,00
BRAVESTAR - Decisions - CD
The South-Germany Beer and BBQ warriors return with their 4th release so far. More serious, more mature and grown-up like the early days, this Ulmer 5-piece deliver a catchy and heavy Hardcore full-length somewhere between  First Blood, Death Before Dishonor, Terror, Lionheart. Definitely best release so far!! Hardcore !
One Life One Crew
£ 8,00
BRAVESTAR - Surrounded By Vultures - CD
One of Germany´s most hard working underground bands, return with their third full CD release. After their self-produced debut and CD for Marked For Death Records now they inked a new deal with OLOC Records. Influenced by bands such as Folsoms, Death Before Dishonor, Cleanched Fist, Providence, those South-German guys play a mix of old fashioned powerful East Coast Hardcore and modern European metallic moshcore.
One Life One Crew
£ 8,00
East-Germany´s Brawl Between Enemies return with their longawaited third full-length release entitled "Forever enemies". Harder than ever, the band strikes back with their massive European Beatdown brutality somewhere between Balboa, Nasty, Words Of Concrete, Vow Of Hatered and Cold Hard Truth. Featuring guest vox by Mentality Cruelty and Tim CHT.
BBE Self-released
£ 8,99
BREAK IN, THE - Unbowed - CD - used
In At The Deep End Records
£ 4,00
BREAK THROUGH - Visits From Lilith - MCD
Six track CD that features two new songs and 'The Seventh Circle Of Hell' material released in Australia by Life.Lair.Regret Records and MMW Records in Europe. 
These two songs serve as the final piece of the chapter started with 'The Seventh Circle Of Hell'. Musically they are the most are the most desperate and violate the band has been showing an even greater shift towards acts like The Red Shore while still maintaining their influence from bands like Disembodied, Eighteen Visions and Damnation AD.
MMW36 - Mark My Words Records / Life.Lair.Regret.Records
£ 4,99
BROKEN HUMANITY - Mindcrusher - CD
Two years after the release of "Left to suffer" the Ruhrpott five-piece Broken Humanity returns with their long-awaited full-length debut. "Mindcrusher" punches the listener with a destructive hybrid of Beatdown, Hardcore and Metal somewhere between Nasty, Circle Of Death, Shattered Realm, World Of Pain, Line Od Scrimmage and Years Spent Cold. Straight up Ruhrpott brutality with great riffing and furious breakdowns. Feat. guest-vocals by Tito Surge Of Fury and Chris Shattered Realm, Suffer The Living.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 8,99
Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, ‘In Dark Places’ is a true representation of a band that has spent 11 years mastering their own brand of bleak, downtempo, sludgy, yet catchy, hardcore. Lyrically the album is based around promoting unorthodox thinking, questioning the foundations of religion and dealing with the burden of unbridled self-doubt and restlessness. Brutality Will Prevail continue their dance on the doom/sludge edge of hardcore whilst returning somewhat to their raw original hardcore sound.
Holy Roar Records
£ 8,99
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