ABHINANDA - The Rumble - Tape
Co-edition with Drone Attack Records for this classic hardcore album in cassette format. PREORDER for tape only.
MMWT001 - Mark My Words Records / Drone Attack Records

£ 4,99
ABSORPTION - Not Dead Yet - Tape
Debut EP also available on tape. London, UK.
You can hear here a huge influence of old-style metalcore (90s).
FFO: Morning Again, Strain, Reprisal, Sunrise and old H8000
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
BYSTANDER - s/t - Tape
What do members of Trial, Test of Time, Expired Youth and Decline have in common? A love for classic hardcore and a band called Bystander. Their path was paved by Youth Of Today, Chain of Strength, Judge and others, yet Bystander breathes new life into the genre´s boundaries both musically and lyrically. What you hear on this five song EP is powerful oldschool hardcore coupled with heartfelt lyrics which take a look both inward and outward at the same time. This is a band calling for internal reflection while engaging the scene to be more than just passive bystanders themselves.
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 1,99
CARNIVORE CRUSHER - Reborn From Hatred - Tape
Misanthropic Oldschool Death Metal with a message about Veganism. Analogously ties on where the last Statement EP left off.
Members of Statement, Unborn, Castigator, Forward To Eden.
FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Coffins & Statement.
Bound By Modern Age Records / Bloodless Records
£ 1,99
DEATH WARRANT - Vs The World - Tape
A five-piece band from Reading, UK. Formed in 2016 in Oxford as an NYHC style band, quickly turned to be, something they describe as, an AK47core – a mixture of black metal and beatdown. Hamish from Dead Mans Chest on guitar plus two ex Absorption members in the squad. 
FFO: Deconsecrate, Deformity, Retaliate
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
ECO-DEFENSE LEAGUE - Join The Resistance / End The Ecocide Demo - Tape
Eco-Defense League. A new Project by the man behind Bring Our Demise and formerly xEradicatex.
FFO: xLAIRx, Green Rage, Slavearc
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
FIRST FIGHT DOWN - Revelation: Extinction - Tape
Gods of the real metalcore - yes i`m talking about aggressive riffs and screaming vocals from late 90s - are back.
After few years of silence they have recorded 4 new songs which are just AMAZING !!!!
Fans of Arkangel, Reprisal, From The Dying Sky gonna love this album !! 
Diorama Records
£ 1,99
LESS THAN ZERO - Kill For Peace - Tape
Less Than Zero is a new straight edge hardcore band from Southapton / Reading area in UK. Members of Realm Of Torment, Nihility, Full Strenght. Mosh like army caps & cargo shorts are still in fashion. 
FFO: Untill The End, Firstblood, Loyal To The Grave
Rage Records
£ 1,99
MAKASRR - Demo 2018 - Tape
A first demonstration by these Belgium oldschool lads. (Ex-)members of Bands like Bloodred, Regression, Core Of Anger, Zero Tolerance, etc.
Two songs but thirteen mins of experimental, death, progressive metal and hardcore.
FFO: Crowbar, Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
NOT IN THIS LIFETIME - Vultures - Tape
Heavy groovy hardcore straight from Groningen, The Netherlands. 
Member of Lies! and Instil.
This is their first full length album after demo tape.
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
PAPER FLOWERS - s/t - Tape
Paper Flowers' self-titled debut EP, exclusive to WGR on black glitter tapes. Limited to 50, hand-numbered. UK emo/indie.
Weather Girl Records
£ 1,99
PUSHING DAISIES - Take Me Back To The Light - Tape
After the line-up changes that occurred following their 2016 debut EP, ‘Stay Sad’, Bristolian four-piece Pushing Daisies have bounced back with its follow-up, ‘Take Me Back To The Light’, a collection of seven tracks that oozes the emotive, reflective lyricism and melancholy that is to be expected from any emo-grunge act.​
Weather Girl Records
£ 1,99
RESISTANCE - Revolt.Refuse.Resist. - Tape
Vegan Straight Edge Antifa oldschool HxC by members of bands such as: Almost Equal, Forward To Eden, 4Paws, Final Nail, ...
Ugly & Proud Records
£ 1,99
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