ABHINANDA - The Rumble - Tape
Co-edition with Drone Attack Records for this classic hardcore album in cassette format. PREORDER for tape only.
MMWT001 - Mark My Words Records / Drone Attack Records

£ 4,99
DEFIANT - Demons - Tape
Nepal meets Finland, Metal meets Hardcore – the sophomore EP by the self-proclaimed “wanderer” vegan straight edge outfit.
Chaotic 90s style metalcore with breakdowns, in the vein of bands like Converge, Jane., Bloodlet, …
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
FIRST FIGHT DOWN - Revelation: Extinction - Tape
Gods of the real metalcore - yes i`m talking about aggressive riffs and screaming vocals from late 90s - are back.
After few years of silence they have recorded 4 new songs which are just AMAZING !!!!
Fans of Arkangel, Reprisal, From The Dying Sky gonna love this album !! 
Diorama Records
£ 1,99
LESS THAN ZERO - Kill For Peace - Tape
Less Than Zero is a new straight edge hardcore band from Southapton / Reading area in UK. Members of Realm Of Torment, Nihility, Full Strenght. Mosh like army caps & cargo shorts are still in fashion. 
FFO: Untill The End, Firstblood, Loyal To The Grave
Rage Records
£ 0,99
MAKASRR - Demo 2018 - Tape
A first demonstration by these Belgium oldschool lads. (Ex-)members of Bands like Bloodred, Regression, Core Of Anger, Zero Tolerance, etc.
Two songs but thirteen mins of experimental, death, progressive metal and hardcore.
FFO: Crowbar, Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
PUSHING DAISIES - Take Me Back To The Light - Tape
After the line-up changes that occurred following their 2016 debut EP, ‘Stay Sad’, Bristolian four-piece Pushing Daisies have bounced back with its follow-up, ‘Take Me Back To The Light’, a collection of seven tracks that oozes the emotive, reflective lyricism and melancholy that is to be expected from any emo-grunge act.​
Weather Girl Records
£ 1,99
RULE, THE - It`s My Life - Tape
The Vegan Straight Edge Oi Metal Hardcore Punk Veterans are back! The Rule is Tim Rule (Forward To Eden, Castigator, etc.) on Vocals, Guitar & Bass and Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) on Drums and Guitar. Music from the song “It’s My Life” (kind of) derived from Bon Jovi.
FFO: Agnostic Front, Manowar & Vegan Reich.
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
RULE, THE - Justice Will Be Served (Demo 2017) - Tape
Vegan Straight Edge Oi Metal Hardcore Punk. The Rule is Tim Rule (Forward To Eden, Castigator, etc.) on Vocals, Guitar & Bass and Rat (Statement, Unborn, etc.) on Drums and Guitar. 
FFO: Agnostic Front, Battle Ruins & Vegan Reich
Bound By Modern Age Records / Right Choice Records
£ 1,99
SEEK NOTHING - More Evil - Tape
"Not so bad hardcore" from Berlin is coming back. This time with a full album and more evil than before!
Unfortunately, this will be their last release ever. The band decided to end this chapter but they will play one last tour at the end of the year or in 2021 to say goodbye.
"More Evil" includes 10 heavy moshy songs with the usually great lyrics. Everything recorded and produced well by themselves.
FFO:  Get The Shot, Terror, Downpresser, Incendiary
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
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