ZLATAN - 2014-219 - CD
Hardcore/punk band from Barcelona, Spain. Members of Hzero, Still Water to Rain, Cinder, Hangman Tree, Malas Lenguas, Get it Back and No Second Chance.
This is their full discography on one CD released by London hxc/punk label Drone Attack Records.
Drone Attack Records
£ 3,99
ZOUS - Pandemicon - CDEP
Taylor Young, a guitarist for Twitching Tongues and drummer for Nails, has launched his own death metal project Zous. A first demo "Pandemicon" featuring four tracks and a cover of Autopsy's "Torn From the Womb." Japan import.
FFO: BoltThrower, Benediction
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 5,99
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