1125 - For When Tomorrow Comes - CD
Legendary hardcore band from Poland with their 6th album from 2008.  NY style agressive oldchool hardcore.
FFO: Schizma, Knuckledust, Backfire, Madball
Spook Records
£ 5,99
DIE ... MY DEMON vs. 50 CALIBER - Splitting // Ammunition - CD
Long time sold out and now finally back in stock. This is the last chance to get a copy of this masterpiece of European Tuff Guy Hardcore. LBU´s massive 50 Caliber came up with a more metallic style including rough vocals, heavy double-bass parts and plenty of Mosh breakdowns, while Die... My Demon celebrating some more NYC East Coast influenced Hardcore not unlike Mushmouth , Clubber Lang, Sworn Enemy. For fans of LBU UKHC a la Bun Dem Out, Knuckledust, and TRC.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,99
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