I CALL FIVE - s/t - CD
I Call Fives was a pop-punk band from Washington Township, New Jersey. Since their formation in 2006, the band had released 4 EP's and 1 self-titled full length in July 2012 through Pure Noise Records. If you like pop-punk, you should be listening to this record. If you don’t like pop-punk, this might just change your mind. I Call Fives is doing it right.
Pure Noise Records
£ 4,99
IDOLMASTER - Weebcore 2k19 - CD
 xIDOLMASTERx debut demo. 
Weird metallic grind metal(core) beatdown emo (or whatever you prefer).
Bound By Modern Age Records 
£ 3,99
So underrated two bands from late 90s !! Ignorance Never Settles was a metalcore band from Ontario, Canada and  Mark Of The Devil was a short-lived German metalcore band with a strong atheist/anti-religion stance. 
FFO: Chokehold, H8000, Chugga core
Firestorm Records
£ 4,00

Debut EP which was recorded entirely as a solo project (at the time in 2013) by Derek Kovacs whose resume reads like a bible of Pittsburgh Hardcore. Past bands include Built Upon Frustration, No Retreat, Sanctify Her Death and Ten Of Swords. Inconsolable Wretch manages to somehow navigate between all previous projects without leaning on any of their successes.Treading the ground between heavy metal and beatdown hardcore this 5 song EP comes with an entirely re-imagined layout from the formerly digital-only release. Hand-numbered and limited to 100 ... all in a full blood-red case for this album's first time on CD format.
Preserving Silence Records

£ 5,99
IC settling somewhere between the realms of metal and hardcore (without being able to use metalcore as a term to classify this), these 5 songs reveal shades of all members former and current projects (Ten Of Swords, Built Upon Frustration, No Retreat, Sanctify Her Death, Steel Nation, Bitter End,Code Orange, Resistance Wire).
FFO: Code Orange, Ten Of Swords, No Retreat ...
Preserving Silence Records
£ 4,99
INFIDEL - Push Forward - CD
Complete discography by Japanese underground Beatdown band Infidel featuring all their recordings from 2007 to 2010. Including their never physical released "Time for us" MCD plus the tracks recorded for both "Recognize real brutality" compilations. In total eleven tracks of pure straight Hardcore-styled Tokyo Beatdown somewhere between Doggy Hoods, Murder Within Sin and Dominate strongly influenced by 90´s US East Coast heavy Hardcore bands like Bulldoze, One Second Thought, Next Step Up and BillyClubSandwich.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 7,99
Brazil's own Inherence formed in São Paulo in the beginning of 2016. Inherence combine many influences, from New York Hardcore to Extreme Metal to shape their unique sound. Its hard to pigeonhole them since their sound and influences are not limited to one specific sub genre. But, I will say they definitely are HEAVY!  The bands style can satisfy the likes of both metal fans and hardcore kids alike. With hints of Aborted, Meshuggah, Decapitated, to touches of Hatebreed or Bury Your Dead.  If you like razor sharp riffs,heaps of blasting double kicks and some violent vocals, then this record is for you! Self-released
£ 7,99
INHERENCE - The Entrails Of Human Desire - CDEP
Sao Paulo Brazil's up & coming powerhouse Inherence follow up their amazing self-released debut album "Dogma" with their 1054 debut release "The Entrails Of Human Desire" EP. 4 crushing new tracks that you will instantly find apparent are a definite progression from "Dogma" whilst maintaining all the key attributes that made it a super solid ..... with brutally heavy yet groovy riffing, top level drumming and Thiago's awesome vocal delivery this EP is a must have for all fans of brutal death metal inspired Hardcore !!!
1054 Records
£ 6,99
INNER TURMOIL - Trapped At Birth - MCD
Inner Turmoil is a quintet hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Located in Central Pennsylvania, which is not typically known for its heavy-hitting presence in hardcore, they are aiming to change that. This 6 track "Trapped At Birth" EP is filled with everything they have experienced. From growing up in mentally, physically, and sexually abusive families, putting friends in the ground all too often, depression and suicide. They all have experienced true hopelessness in moments yet keep moving forward and pushing to achieve what they were told they could never accomplish.
1054 Records
£ 7,99
INTENTIONS ‎– Set The Path - CD
Debut album from this Scottish band. When i heard this first time only one name came to my head - Chain OF Strength !! So if you are into them then you should check this band out. Members of many cool band like Deceit, War Charge, 33 Rotations, Crush All Fakes, Lifer, Engage, Bloodshot.
FFO: Chain OF Strength, Turning Point, In The Clear
In Our Hand Records
£ 5,00
ITHACA - The Language of Injury - CD
‘The Language Of Injury’ aptly embodies everything those in the know have come to love from UK Metallic Hardcore group Ithaca and serves them wonderfully as a statement of intent. Coming out the gates with haunting vocal melodies and chord progression dramatics, before discordance worthy of instilling fear into the most composed individual devastate the listener. The most striking and noticeable difference in Ithaca’s sound, from previous releases and their contemporaries, lies in their confidence and newfound identity. Channelling Oathbreaker at their most expansive coupled with vicious metallic passages owing to Ferret Records heyday bands such as Martyr A.D.
Holy Roar Records
£ 8,99
Two bands from United Kingdom on one CD. Jawless representing thrashy metallic hardcore straight from London (with Absorption members in their squad) and Overload are a hardcore punk/oi band from Cambridge (formed in 2003!).
FFO: European metalcore and NYHC Oi!
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
JULE VERA - Friendly Enemies - CD
Jule Vera makes their debut to Pure Noise Records and to the independent music scene with the release of Friendly Enemies, an 8-track album from the Alabama quartet that melds the elements of pop, indie and alternative rock to a sound of their own.
FFO: Paramore, Tonight Alive, Pvris, No Doubt
Pure Noise Records
£ 4,99
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