FIRST FIGHT DOWN - Revelation: Extinction - LP
Gods of the real metalcore - yes i`m talking about aggressive riffs and screaming vocals from late 90s - are back. After few years of silence they have recorded 4 new songs.
FFO: Arkangel, Reprisal, From The Dying Sky, Slayer ...
Bound By Modern Age Records / Rage Records 
£ 3,99
DIE YOUNG - Chosen Path - 12"
Metallic hardcore straight from Houston, Texas, USA. 
FFO: All Out War, Catharsis, Terror ...
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 4,99
KPD-0 - s/t - 2xLP
Double vinyl limited to 154 hand-numbered copies in a gatefold cover with each artwork, developed on matt photo paper and hand glued. Includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics and band history from the perspective of key Sofia underground musicians.
FFO: Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Post-Punk
Amek, Ugly And Proud Records

£ 4,99
KING OF SORROW - Bow To My Wrath - LP
Metal influenced hardcore from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Members of Expectations, KPD-0 and Feedbacker.
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 4,99
SENDERO - Liberacion - LP
Ugly And Proud Records / Vegan Records
£ 4,99
LOSE THE LIFE - The End Of Conformity - LP
Lose the Life emerged out of 'Gothenburg Straight Edge' promotion group in late 2009. Their named their style -  the Swedish Clevo, "punch in the face" hardcore.
FFO: Confront, Ringworm, Strife, In cold blood, Floorpunch

Ugly And Proud Records
£ 4,99
IRON CURTAIN - Year Of The Wolf - 7"
London, UK straight edge hardcore. Members of Abolition and Breaking Point. 
FFO: Youth Of Today, Judge, Floorpunch

Anger Battery Records
£ 1,99
BAND OF MERCY - Veganocracy - 7"
Vegan hardcore band from Houston, TX. BOM shares members with Die Young and Florida`Axis. Guest guitar solo appearance by Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis.
Death Truth Recordings / Ugly And Proud Records
£ 1,99
BETTER TIMES - Better Measures - 7"
Buffalo straight edge hardcore. 
Featuring ex members of Our Times.
FFO: Youth OF Today, Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits ..
Commitment Records 
£ 1,99
WORK FOR IT - No Escape - 7"
Polish hardcore punk band from Tricity.
Elephant Skin Records
£ 1,99
v/a - Very Cool & Very Core - Ratel Records - 7"
 Ratel Records Compilation 7" with six polish hardcore bands.
FFO: Reality Check, Stone Heart, Last Dayz. Desperate Times, Outband, ThugXLife
Ratel Records
£ 1,99
THINK TWICE - Deficit Youth - 7"
Think Twice was a hardcore band from Nottingham City and when many young bands forgot about the roots, Think Twice was bringing back hardcore to where it belongs. 5 songs and a cover of the almighty Beyond.Short and furious.
FFO: Straight Ahead, Negative Approach.
Anger Battery Records
£ 1,99
IDENTITY - Planet Crusher - 7"
Identity came up with some tunes that sounded like a blend of their previous bands i.e. The Age/Second Age and Last Item. The time polished their style, but kept it as much powerful as when they started and didn’t water down the meaningful lyrics.
FFO: CroMags, Leeway, Underdog
Elephant Skin Records
£ 1,99
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