‎ENTREFUEGO – El Espiritu Intacto La Esperanza De Pie - 7"
Straight Edge hardcore from Chile. Political hardcore with hints of metal, sounding a little bit like Trial at times but heavier.
FFO: Trial, One King Down, Constrict
Amendment Records
£ 3,00
REACH THE SKY - Everybody's Hero - 7"
"Everybody's Hero" is Reach The Sky's EP single that was released just before "So Far From Home".  4 tracks released by Victory Records.  A must have for any RTS collector. 
FFO: Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, American Nightmare
Victory Records
£ 4,00
THE MIRACLE - True Spirit - 7"
The Miracle coming from the Milan area (Italy. )Modern and melodic old school hardcore in the vein of Bane, Verse, Comeback Kid and With Honor. In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics.
FFO: Comback Kid, With Honour, Bane
Commitment Records
£ 2,50
MIND TRAP - Life Among Liars And Thieves - 7"
Members of Short Fuse, Government Flu, Highscore, Rearranged and many others. Taking cues from early 80's NYHC and a touch of Boston 82 as well. Mind Trap take no fucking prisoners. In your face straight edge and proud of it. Live it or leave it.
Refuse Records / SFR Hardcore
£ 3,00
Miles Between Us were a straight edge hardcore band from Ottawa, Canada. Classic old school hardcore.
FFO: Righteous Jams, Holding On, Carry On.
Blatherskyte Noise
£ 2,50
OVERLOOKED - Nothing Is Sacred - 7"
With nods to bands like Tear It Up and Panic, North Carolina's Overlooked nod to the fast, chaotic hardcore of the early '00s, complete with lyrics ranging from personal conflict to pure hatred packaged in four songs lasting under seven minutes total.
FFO: Tear It Up, Panic
Life To Live Records
£ 3,00
NOT SORRY - Moving On - 7"
Straight edge band from Seattle, Washington Influenced by the sound of the late 80’s Revelation bands along with contemporaries from the late 90's.
FFO: Fast andry youth crew hardcore
Salad Days Records
£ 2,50
MY LUCK - Endurance - 7"
Hailing from Houston and Cleveland, My Luck have been known for their furious live shows, fronted by a man who can make the hot dry heat of Texas as cold and lonely as Antarctica. They deliver their songs fast and hard with angst ridden, introspective lyrics.
FFO: Give Up The Ghost, The Dedication or Striking Distance
Not Just Words Records
£ 2,50
MFP - s/t - 7"
MFP are from Boston - all old-timers old enough to be your parents who've been playing this shit forever and the 7" is magnificently ugly and dumb hardcore, straight out of the late 80s and the east side of the USA.
Stomp Records
£ 3,00
SHOOT TO KILL - s/t - 7"
Hardcore thrash metal, Springfield, MA
Rooker Records
£ 2,50
STATEMENT - Decide - 7"
The new Statement EP (if you don’t know this band, do some research please).This is 4 new tracks by the 90’s vegan straight edge legend Rat himself, this time with guest-vocalist xrulex (Forward To Eden).
FFO: Unborn, Deicide, Slayer, Vegan Reich
Bound By Modern Age Records / Bloodless Records
£ 4,99
FORWARD TO EDEN - When Blood Covers Morality - 7″
Five tracks of militant vegan straight edge 90’s style metalcore from Germany.
Comes in DIY printed & handnumbered full-color, double sided sleeve + 8-page mini booklet.
FFO: Culture, Unborn, Green Rage
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
PRIMAL AGE - A Silent Wound - 7″
Vegan Straight Edge 90’s Metalcore from France. The band was founded in 1997, became Absone in 1999, and then became Primal Age again in 2006 and remains active under that name until today – still vegan, still straight edge, still shredding that 90’s Metal(core) sound.
FFO: Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Heaven Shall Burn
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
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