RENOUNCED - Beauty Is A Destructive Angel - LP
Dear metalcore, watch the throne... In the early 00’s the metalcore scene was flourishing with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals and Poison the Well… to name a few. Fast forward to the present day there is a distinct lack of bands willing to rise to be the new wave of metalcore bands, enter Renounced. Whilst new ‘hype’ bands have been coming and burning out just as fast Renounced have been quietly and confidently growing in the background watching the music scene flash by, biding their time and waiting for their rightful place at the top of metalcore. 
Holy Roar Records
£ 14,99
TERROR - The Twenty Fifth Hour - LP
After 13 years as a band and six full-length studio albums now under their belt, Terror are one of the giants of the hardcore scene.  Their music is distinctly theirs, contains a poignant message, and is unyieldingly aggressive.  With their latest effort The Twenty-Fifth Hour, Terror has reminded fans why they fell in love with their music and spirit in the first place.  The fourteen tracks on the LP are reminiscent of Terror’s early, ferocious punch the person next to you in the face hymns, rather than the anthems of Live by the Code and Keepers of the Faith.
FFO: Terror, Bridge Nine, Scott Vogel
Reaper Records
£ 14,99
With Holy Ghost, Modern Baseball offers up a solid piece of Indie-Americana. The themes are heavier and the music itself its slightly edgier than previous efforts as the band show signs of maturing. It`s not sombre, there is still the trademark upbeat, fun tracks, it`s just a bit heavier laden, deeper than they have been.
FFO: Emo, pop-punk, indie rock
Run For Cover Records
£ 13,99
DISENGAGE - Expressions - LP
Triple B Records presents the debut LP from Wilkes-BarreÍs own Disengage, featuring members of Title Fight, Cold World, Magnus, Stick Together, War Hungry and Bad Seed. Twelve brand new tracks of Youth Of Today-influenced hardcore.
Triple-B Records
£ 10,99
MY IRON LUNG - Learn To Leave - LP
My Iron Lung, a four-piece group from San Diego, attempt to combine powerful chords and vocals with lyrics that draw in both fans of the genre and newcomers alike. Unlike a lot of bands who use guttural shouts and rehearsed growls, the vocals for this band feel genuine and deeply emotional.
FFO: La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, Touché Amoré
Pure Noise Records
£ 9,99
PURE INSTINCT - s/t - 7"
Sydney's Pure Instinct returning with eight tracks of incredibly passionate modern youth crew that brings to mind bands like Fury and Mindset as well as genre classics like Carry On and Ten Yard Fight. Blending intelligent lyrics with urgent fast-paced hardcore Pure Instinct are set to make a big impact in 2020.
FFO: Youth Crew, Mindset, Carry On
Ugly & Proud Records
£ 7,99
EXTRICATE - Unforgiving Years - 7"
Originally formed under the name  Forewarned by Jav of 18 Visions and The Mistake and Chris from 7 Generations, the band produced this 4-song demo then changed their name to Extricate. Coinciding to the name change, the 7″ has been pressed onto vinyl using the name Extricate and delivers vegan-hardcore in the vein as a lot of the ’90s masters like Morning Again, Arkangel, and the like. Limited edition of 300 copies.
Ugly & Proud Records / Bitter Melody Records
£ 7,49
FORESIGHT - s/t - 7"
New 90s inspired hardcore band from Poland featuring members of Radiance, Vicious X Reality and Protein! The EP is a collaboration between Youth 2 Youth and Ugly & Proud Records and it brings good old raw vibes with a proper message. This record is all about great vibe – heavy, yet filled with melody and full of thoughtful lyrics. 90s spirit at its best.
Ugly & Proud Records / Youth 2 Youth Records
£ 5,99
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