DAMAGE II - Broken Bloodlines - 7"
DAMAGE began in 2000, a philly sxe raw and to-the-point hardcore group. They released an EP through Deathwish Inc. In 2001 that became very sought afer for awhile, then they got back in 2003 as Damage II for a final 4 song EP entitled "Broken Bloodlines", 5 minutes length no frills that will leave your head bangin' like a bobble head toy.
Dead By 23 Records
£ 2,50
v/a - Very Cool & Very Core - Ratel Records - 7"
 Ratel Records Compilation 7" with six polish hardcore bands.
FFO: Reality Check, Stone Heart, Last Dayz. Desperate Times, Outband, ThugXLife
Ratel Records
£ 3,00
THINK TWICE - Deficit Youth - 7"
Think Twice was a hardcore band from Nottingham City and when many young bands forgot about the roots, Think Twice was bringing back hardcore to where it belongs. 5 songs and a cover of the almighty Beyond.Short and furious.
FFO: Straight Ahead, Negative Approach.
Anger Battery Records
£ 3,00
TAKE CONTROL - Tides - 7"
Take Control brings their straight edge message packed in hardhitting fast and heavy hardcore, that both sounds firmly rooted in the past, but also very much 2008. The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope. As powerful and angry as hardcore should sound!
Commitment Records
£ 2,00
IDENTITY - Planet Crusher - 7"
Identity came up with some tunes that sounded like a blend of their previous bands i.e. The Age/Second Age and Last Item. The time polished their style, but kept it as much powerful as when they started and didn’t water down the meaningful lyrics.
FFO: CroMags, Leeway, Underdog
Elephant Skin Records
£ 3,00
NIHILITY - Imprisoned Eternal - LP
A perfect blend of old school death metal and hardcore. Versatile old school death metal riffs and arrangements, in the vein of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and Obituary, with uncanny and hellish atmosphere. Tons of ominously violent hardcore beatdown making the tracks more thrilling than old school death metal in itself. This is both a great old school death metal and a greatest beatdown hardcore.
FFO: Old School Death Metal, Seriously Heavy Riffs
Rage Records / Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 9,99
MISLED YOUTH - s/t - 7"
Misled Youth holds nothing back as they rip through 5 songs in under 6 minutes with nothing but pure, fast Straight-Edge Hardcore. Featuring members of other powerhouse bands such as Coke Bust and Meth Lab, the intensity and urgency displayed on the band's debut 7" is not unlike the member's other projects, but with it's own unique identity.A nice new take on a classic style of Hardcore.
FFO: Coke Bust, YOT, Poison Idea
Society Bleeds Records / Refuse Records
£ 3,00
THE MIRACLE MILE - The Future History - 7"
This is the final release from California's The Miracle Mile. Four original tracks of honest, sincere hardcore that the band became known for and a cover of Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings" that is pretty spot on. Members can be found making music in Dangers and Final Fight.
FFO: Final Fight, Have Heart, For The Crown
Sell Our Souls Records
£ 2,50
OLD GHOSTS - Blueprint - 7" (flexi)
Hardcore punk with a little bit of emotions. This is a one time pressing limited to 250 copies. Featuring ex members of Dead Hearts. 
FFO: Paint It Black, Modern Life Is War, Ruiner, Verse 
State Of MInd / Ugly & Proud / Press Gang
£ 4,00
REVIVER - Potential Westland - 7"
Reviver, from Salt Lake City, plays melodic hardcore punk with a dark experimental side. You may have heard of these guys. Formed in '07 they have self-booked over 10 tours and have covered the entire U.S. several times. This is the follow up to their full length.
FFO: Defeater, Verse, Ruiner, Modern Life Is War
State Of MInd Recordings
£ 3,00
Police & Thieves are known for their melodic brand of 80's influenced harDCore, while Remission plays a style of hardcore reminiscent of bands like Verbal Assault and One Step Ahead.
FFO: Verbal ASSault, Dag Nasty, One Step Ahead
Amendment Records
£ 3,00
HACKSAW ‎– Wasted Summer Blues - 7"
Toronto's Hacksaw play crunchy, down and dirty AC/DC riff rock in the vein of Texas's Go to Hells and Sweden's Hellacopters. If you are into non-ironic garage rock to get wasted to then this 7" is perfect for you. 
FFO: ACDC, Hellacopters, Glucifer, Rockets From The Crypt.
Broken Glass Records
£ 2,00
SECOND THOUGHT - They Tore It Down ... - 7"
Hardcore punk from Sweden. 1999.
FFO: Old school hardcore
School Bust Records
£ 2,00
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