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ABHINANDA - The Rumble - Tape
Co-edition with Drone Attack Records for this classic hardcore album in cassette format. PREORDER for tape only.
MMWT001 - Mark My Words Records / Drone Attack Records

£ 4,99
FURY DEPARTMENT - Truckbeast Attitude - CD
The one and only, brutal, moshing, betadown hardcore truck Fury Department!!! Ridiculous hardcore heavyness FFO: dying in the moshpit, big fucking trucks & Rick ta Life on a horse!
FD is a true oldschool hardcore heavyweight, consisting of members from Earthfall, Face Your Enemy, Fracture, Total Recall, Final Struggle, etc.This CD contains their new 3-song EP plus their first output “Friendship, Oldness, Commitment”, transforming this release into a full fledged album, featuring guests/friends from all over the world: Matt “Last Breath”, Andreino “Short Fuse”, Tim “The Rule, Dome “Face Your Enemy”, Derek “XRepresentX”, Pierre “Knuckledust”, Ergobeat, Ale & Stefy,
MMW65 - Mark My Words Records / Bound By Modern Age Records

£ 0,99
THE RULE - Of Magic & Muscle - CD
The 2nd full-length by multi-instrumentalist Tim Rule. Fusing classic straight edge hardcore elements with 80s style heavy metal and synthwave. Dedicated to the cult of heavy lifting and embracing your nerdiness.
MMW64 - Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
KULAN GATH - Kulan Gath - MCD
A crushing debut by the UKHC powerhouse consisting of current- and ex-members of bands like Dead Man's Chest, Death Warrant & Absorption.
An unrelenting mix of old school (death)metal, hardcore and beatdown... or as they say it: AK47Core!
MMW63 - Mark My Words Records / Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 0,99
REALM OF TORMENT - Ytene`s Collapse - CD
Ytene's Collapse is the 3rd LP from Southampton Mosh Metal / Metalcore act Realm of Torment,
​released through The Coming Strife Records, Essex Hardcore Fanzine & Mark My Words Records
MMW63 - Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
EDEN IS GONE - The Cold Tomb Of Decomposed Utopia - CD
11 brutal edge metal anthems including one cover song (available only on Cd version).
What else can we say about this album? Just get it! XXX
MMW Records and True Vendetta colaboration - again!
FFO: Day Of Suffering, Arkangel, Heaven Shall Burn, Mayhem 
Mark My Words Records / True Vendetta Recordings
£ 0,99
MALIGNANT - With Daggers Between Our Teeth - MCD
"...Drawing from the 90s-early 00s hardcore and metalcore movements we grew up listening to, and their recent revival, Malignant bring forth a real sense of metallic hardcore: Combining everything from European metalcore to myspace grindcore tributes, to beatdown and sludge, WDBOT strives to find its own distinctive sound, and fill a big void in the greek and Balkan scene, for a style that enjoys a big revival across the pond but not locally ... "
FFO: Hatebreed, Realm Of Torment, Path Of Resurgence, All Out War
Mark My Words Records / BBMA Records / KOTP Recordings
£ 0,99
FORWARD TO EDEN - A Jihad For The Sake Of Nature -CD
 A new album of the militant vegan straight edge old school metalcore one-man project.
FFO: xMaroonx, Vegan Reich, Rage Of A Prophet & The Vegan Jihad!
Mark My Words Records / BBMA Records
£ 0,99
PATH OF RESURGENCE‎– Blinded By Desire - MCD
MMW58 - Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
GOING OFF - Destroy - CD
             S O L D  O U T ! ! !             
£ 1,99
EMBITTER - 1134 - CD
Polish metalcore kings Embitter have finally released a full album. After a demo and an EP, the "1134" sound has moved a bit further away from the classic 90’s metalcore sound and the metal influences gain much more weight. This is definitely one of the best releases of 2020. Hell is here!
Mark My Words Records

£ 0,99
EDEN IS GONE - Scattering Of My Malice - MCD
Riffgods from Eden Is Gone are back with 4 new songs plus a cover of Arkangel. You can expect the usual 100% top class edge-metal but this time a bit more mature.
FFO: Day Of Suffering, Arkangel, First Fight Down, In Flames and XXX
Mark My Words Records / True Vendetta Recordings
£ 0,99
PORTRAITS - At My Darkest - CD
A debut album from the Finnish metalcore band Portraits. Members of Cleansing, Baron and more.
"At My Darkest" forms a tale of forgiveness, consisting of stories spread throughout a journey of self-awareness and guilt. When the only escape seems to lie somewhere deep within, you start to shape your reflection in a new manner. Realising you cannot cast aside your darker self, you're forced to accept this co-existence and begin the struggle towards peace as equals. Learning to forgive, crawling towards a place you can call your own.
FFO: Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
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