BULLDOG COURAGE – From Heartache To Hatred - CD
A fierce combination of in-your-face street punk and east coast hardcore all wrapped up in one ugly, defiant package. Based out of Albany, NY, the band is not easily compared to any other punk rock or hardcore outfit around, but it`s not hard to find yourself wrapped up in their world of love, loss, loyalty, heartache and hatred. After listening to the band just once, it`s almost as if they have been with you all along. Their songs herald unique stories of family and friendship that burn right into you.
FFO: Blood For Blood, Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front and Discipline
WTF Records
£ 1,99
BURIED -  If Hell Exists - MCD
Buried is a new heavy Hardcore crew hailing from Albany, Upstate NY. The band just finished their debut entitled "If hell exists" and immediately started cooperation with FWH Records. Get ready for some fresh Beatdown driven Hardcore strongly influenced by the glorious mid-2000 MySpace Mosh era. Five hard as brick tunes between classical heavy bands like CDC, In Blood We Trust, Folsom, WiIntch Mob and modern US Beatdown like MH Chaos, Bovice and Hurtpiece. "If hell exists" comes as a digipack release strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide.
£ 1,99
BURIED ALIVE - Death Will Find You - CD
Hailing from Buffalo NY and featuring Terror's Scott Vogel on vocals, Buried Alive were known for their unique metallic edge and despite their short-lived existence, proved to be one of the most influential hardcore bands from the late 90's. Twenty years after their initial breakup, Buried Alive are back and ready to release "Death Will Find You", an EP featuring two brand new songs and two re-mastered tracks from their split with Reach The Sky + only on CD version 4 bonus remastered songs from their  1998 Demo Session. The band picks up right where they left off, bringing you a serious dose of hard-hitting urgent metallic hardcore. Japan import. 
Retribute Records
£ 6,99
CAPITAL ENEMY - Knowledge Of The Wicked - CD
Capital Enemy (Melbourne, Australia) coming back with full album this time. "Knowledge Of The Wicked" is a half hour expression of gritty, downbeat metalcore frustration and discontent. From the heavy grooves to the dark melodies, this record will remind listeners through the passion of the lyrics that despite the harsh realities of the world today, their resentment is not just their own. 
FFO: Lamb Of God, Chimaira and Pantera. Hatebreed, Throwdown
1054 Records
£ 3,99
CAPITAL ENEMY - Life Sentence - CD
Capital Enemy (Melbourne, Australia) representing full of breakdowns, gang vocals and heavy riffs hardcore. Released by 1054 Records so you should know what to expect from them. Mosh!
FFO: Crowned Kings, Iron Mind, Rust Proof​
1054 Records
£ 3,99
CAPO KONG ‎– Extortion - CDEP
Capo Kong are right at the top of the heap as far as the US Beatdown Hardcore goes !!! "Extortion" is the brutal debut EP released on 1054 Records !!! Consisting of 3 brand new tracks of purely arrogant & violent Beatdown Hardcore at it's best !!! Strap yourself in & get ready for some of the most ignorant & brutal Beatdown Hardcore you will find anywhere on the planet. 1054 Records
£ 3,99
CASTIGATOR - Impressions From The Abyss - CD
A debut album by Hamburgs heaviest old school Death Metal outfit (featuring members of Forward To Eden, The Rule ...). 45 minutes of black metal influenced “true crime” Death’n’Thrash. Mixed & mastered by Dennis "Der Clint" Israel at Clintworks.
 Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
This split MCD combines three exclusive songs from one of hardcore's most recognized bands, Champion, with three new songs from one of hardcore's most exciting bands, Betrayed (with Champion members in).
FFO: Chain of Strenght, Bane, Comback Kid
Rivarly Records
£ 1,99
CHEECH - Beast From The East - CD
At the bottom of Boston Harbor amidst the toxic medical refuse and rotting corpses left to decay in the depths, a creature stirs from its slumber. CHEECH, the best-kept secret in Beantown has returned to lay waste to society`s standards. 17 tracks of honed aggression with a big middle finger flying high!
FFO: Death Before Dishonor, Municipal Waste, Hoods, S.O.D.,Hatebreed
WTF Records
£ 1,99
CHEECH - Old Friends - MCD
Boston`s Cheech returns for another round of thrash-infused hardcore. While other bands retread their well-worn musical paths, Cheech pushes their own boundaries on "Old Friends". Fast, old-school hardcore is melded with Maiden-esque guitar licks while melodic basslines underscore a blues-based solo. Two-step drum breas build to sing-a-long choruses. And theress more than one big breakdown slipped in somewhere. All this, while spitting their sarcastic lyrical take on subjects ranging from social media, to scene politics, and cult films. 
FFO:: Death Before Dishonor, Municipal Waste, Hoods, S.O.D., Hatebreed
WTF Records
£ 1,99
CLEANSING - Dark Current - CDEP
The fulminant follow-up EP to what undeniably turned out to be one of the best edge-metal demos of the year. Unyielding 90s style Metalcore from Finland by members of Baron, Long Gone, etc. Co-released with almighty BBMA Records from Germany.  FFO: Maroon, Congress, Morning Again
Mark My Words Records / Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
New heavy mettalic hardcore band from United Kingdom.
Ex - members of Cold Hard Truth, Desolated ...
FFO: Desolated, At The Gates, All Out War ...
Demons Run Amok Entertainment
£ 3,99
CLOD CONCRETE - This Is For My Enemies - MCD
Cold Concrete was formed in 2017 with the hope of bringing back the fading hardcore scene in the Youngstown Ohio area. Originally intended to simply be a “side project” things quickly progressed & after a few shows under their belts they started to realize that they had the potential to take it more seriously & a lot further….. And so that is exactly what they did !!! This EP was originally recorded & released in 2019 but only ever digitally via the band's Bandcamp page so after a few lineup changes over the years Cold Concrete decided to re-record the vocals with Doug singing as well as do a physical CD release through 1054 Records which includes the previously unreleased track "Absolutely Scared"  1054 Records
£ 3,99
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