MY LUCK - Endurance - 7"
Hailing from Houston and Cleveland, My Luck have been known for their furious live shows, fronted by a man who can make the hot dry heat of Texas as cold and lonely as Antarctica. They deliver their songs fast and hard with angst ridden, introspective lyrics.
FFO: Give Up The Ghost, The Dedication or Striking Distance
Not Just Words Records
£ 2,50
NIGHT FORCE - s/t - 7"
Debut 7" from this German/Belgian/Danish powerhouse hardcore punk unit from Mannheim, Germany. The 7" sounds as mystical as the demo with tasteful use of chorus pedal to give off an almost UK goth punk guitar sound ala Deformed expertly blended with hardcore rhythms which at times give off Omegas style catchy vibes. Featuring members of Domain, True Vision and Arms Race.
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
NO HOLDS BARRED - Anti​-​Fascist Army - 7"

Make racists afraid again!
Uncompromising vegan straight edge antifa hardcore oi punk debut.
FFO: Oi Polloi, Statement, Raid, Vegan Reich
Bound By Modern Age Records / Bloodless Records

£ 3,99
NO RESTRAINT - Growth - 7"
New No Restraint 7″. Five songs of hard hitting vegan metal/hardcore from Jacksonville, Florida.
FFO: Green Rage, Trial, Earth Crisis, Culture
Bitter Melody Records / Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
NOT SORRY - Moving On - 7"
Straight edge band from Seattle, Washington Influenced by the sound of the late 80’s Revelation bands along with contemporaries from the late 90's.
FFO: Fast andry youth crew hardcore
Salad Days Records
£ 2,50
OLD GHOSTS - Blueprint - 7" (flexi)
Hardcore punk with a little bit of emotions. This is a one time pressing limited to 250 copies. Featuring ex members of Dead Hearts. 
FFO: Paint It Black, Modern Life Is War, Ruiner, Verse 
State Of MInd / Ugly & Proud / Press Gang
£ 4,00
OUTBOUND - Far Away - 7"
Polish straight edge new school hardcore band from Tri-city: Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot, Pomeranian Voivodeship. Founded in 2011 and active till September 2013 when the band called it quits. Some members went to Incitemnet and Embitter. 
FFO: 90s hardcore, Strain, Integrity, Vitality, Congress. Morning Again 
Compromise Records / Reborn Records / Too Many Skulls
£ 3,99
OVERLOOKED - Nothing Is Sacred - 7"
With nods to bands like Tear It Up and Panic, North Carolina's Overlooked nod to the fast, chaotic hardcore of the early '00s, complete with lyrics ranging from personal conflict to pure hatred packaged in four songs lasting under seven minutes total.
FFO: Tear It Up, Panic
Life To Live Records
£ 3,00
Police & Thieves are known for their melodic brand of 80's influenced harDCore, while Remission plays a style of hardcore reminiscent of bands like Verbal Assault and One Step Ahead.
FFO: Verbal ASSault, Dag Nasty, One Step Ahead
Amendment Records
£ 3,00
PRIMAL AGE - A Silent Wound - 7″
Vegan Straight Edge 90’s Metalcore from France. The band was founded in 1997, became Absone in 1999, and then became Primal Age again in 2006 and remains active under that name until today – still vegan, still straight edge, still shredding that 90’s Metal(core) sound.
FFO: Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Heaven Shall Burn
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
RAPTURE - I Glorify - 7"
'I Glorify' is the debut EP from Leeds based hardcore unit Rapture Rapture have further developed their signature sound blending Floorpunch, Turning Point with a hint of early Youth of Today, brimming with a powerful rhythm section and catchy guitar hooks. The fast paced lyrics focus on the social pressures of everyday life, the power of words that seem to be so freely dispensed in today's society, online or otherwise, and the costly effect that they can have. Sharing members with a host of bands such as Obstruct, True Vision, Shrapnel and Big Cheese. 
FFO: Youth Of Today, Floorpunch, Turning Point
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
REACH THE SKY - Everybody's Hero - 7"
"Everybody's Hero" is Reach The Sky's EP single that was released just before "So Far From Home".  4 tracks released by Victory Records.  A must have for any RTS collector. 
FFO: Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, American Nightmare
Victory Records
£ 4,00
REVIVER - Potential Westland - 7"
Reviver, from Salt Lake City, plays melodic hardcore punk with a dark experimental side. You may have heard of these guys. Formed in '07 they have self-booked over 10 tours and have covered the entire U.S. several times. This is the follow up to their full length.
FFO: Defeater, Verse, Ruiner, Modern Life Is War
State Of MInd Recordings
£ 3,00
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