LESS THAN ZERO - Kill For Peace - CDEP
Less Than Zero is a new straight edge hardcore band from Southapton / Reading area in UK. Members of Realm Of Torment, Nihility, Full Strenght. Mosh like army caps & cargo shorts are still in fashion. 
FFO: Untill The End, Firstblood, Loyal To The Grave
Mark My Words Records
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LIFE AFTER DEATH - Scum Of Society Forever - CD

Risen out of the ashes of defunct bands Iceberg and Karloff , this five-piece hailing from the dead end streets of Indiana, is ready to proof, how to play true and 100% dedicated no-nonsense hardcore. Drawing influences from bands like Madball, Cold As Life, Merauder and rounded up with outstanding vocals reminding of Death Threat, Life AFter Death`s 8-song debut "Scum Of Society Forever" offers everythings what to expect from a real deal hardcore record. Straight music, strong lyrics and guest-appearances by longtime friends Rob Crowd Deterrent, Rj Domestic War, Jaaron Blood In Blood Out and Jeremy Lifeless. Filled With Hate Records
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LIVE LIFE - You People Make Me Sick - CD
Live Life is a 5 piece hardcore band from Vienna Austria - a very active hardcore scene at the moment. Upcoming bands like Tigerblood, Companion and In The Cage combined with veteran forces Only Attitude Counts and Spidercrew are pushing the game to the next level. Live Life contains from within its members a strong DIY ethic in every aspect of the bands progress. With goals to play, tour and produce as much as possible, expect to see quite a lot from this band in the near future!
FFO: Death Before Dishonor, Terror, Agnostic Front
WTF Records
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LOUD LOVE - Loud Love - CDEP
Spring 2018 former Cast Down members Kristof Nuyts and David Fraters teamed up to do some Friday night jam sessions with Lars Jeuris ( The Front Porch Reminiscence) on drums.  By the end of the summer Dries Olemans ( The Setup, Circle, Overlord) and Bert Peters (El.Mirage!) joined ranks to form Loud Love. Their blend of talent and experience creates a vibrant and always catchy post hardcore/emo/punk rock vibe and sound.
FFO: Drug Church, Fiddlehead, Hot Water Music, Modern Life Is War, Snapcase, Quicksand, Fugazi
Mark My Words Records
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LOW LIFE - You Reap What You Sow - MCD
H8000 hardcoreband with (ex-) members of Golden Bullet, Seventh Circle, Old Ivy, Soul Grip, XviciousX
FFO: Verse, Trapped Under Ice
Kick Out The Jams Records
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LOYAL UNTIL DEATH - Remain Defiant - CD
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MALIGNANT - With Daggers Between Our Teeth - MCD
"...Drawing from the 90s-early 00s hardcore and metalcore movements we grew up listening to, and their recent revival, Malignant bring forth a real sense of metallic hardcore: Combining everything from European metalcore to myspace grindcore tributes, to beatdown and sludge, WDBOT strives to find its own distinctive sound, and fill a big void in the greek and Balkan scene, for a style that enjoys a big revival across the pond but not locally ... "
FFO: Hatebreed, Realm Of Torment, Path Of Resurgence, All Out War
Mark My Words Records / BBMA Records / KOTP Recordings
£ 1,99
MAN OVERBOARD - Heart Attack - CD
On “Heart Attack”, Man Overboard doesn’t change their formula. And why would they? They already have it down pat to write annoyingly slick pop-punk songs. Crunchy guitars? Check. Catchy choruses? Check. Bouncy rhythms? Check. Lyrics about girls? Check, check and double-check. "Heart Attack" is the sort of unabashed Jersey-breed pop-punk made for summer afternoons of driving  ‘down the shore.   With a strong nod to Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day, the band has tightened on what makes their sound memorable.
Rise Records
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MAN OVERBOARD - Passing Ends - CD
New EP from Defend Pop Punks Man Overboard featuring 4 new songs and one acoustic from their recent album Heart Attack. Passing Ends is the precursor to the bands next LP. The EP was recorded at the band’s Small Hill Studio, the site where ‘Love Your Friends Die Laughing,’ The ‘Noise From Upstairs’ EP and many other Man Overboard classics were written and recorded. To finish off the EP, it was mixed and mastered by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight, Balance & Composure). 
Rude Records
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MAN OVERBOARD - The Human Highlight Reel - CD
Pop-punk from New Jersey. "The Human Highlight Reel" collects the band's debut EP for Run For Cover, "Dahlia," the acoustic EP "Noise From Upstairs," four unreleased "Real Talk" B-sides, two older unreleased songs, two brand new songs and a Promise Ring cover.
FFO: pop-punk 
Run For Cover Records
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MARK MY WAY - Thin The Herd - CD
New full length of this promising young hardcore band from Flanders. Their previous EPs were already worth it, but they have found their way on this record! A beautiful mix of hardcore and metal with a lot of groove in it. Lots of variety in the vocals and there is room for melody. The CD version comes in a jewel case with a 16-page booklet with the beautiful artwork of Jeroen Mylle.
Limited to 300 pieces.
FFO: H8000 !!!
Dust & Bones Records
£ 2,99
MINDFIELD - Void of Illuminance - MCD
Two years after the debut release "Perpetual suffering", Mindfield from Jacksonville, Florida return with a brandnew MCD entitled "Void of illuminance". Their second output consists of six new tracks including special guest-vocals by Johnathan Wittle from Vatican. Musicwise "Void of illuminance" is a perfect hybrid of heavy Hardcore and catchy Thrash Metal. Groove driven arrangements team up with catchy guitar riffs.
FFO: All Out War, Sworn Enemy, Merauder, Length Of Time
Filled With Hate Records
£ 1,99
MINDLOSS - Rituals for the Chasmborn - CD
Crushing 312 Chicago 4 -piece Death Metal. Complete compilation including all nine tracks they recorded so far. Limited edition import from Japan including OB strip.
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 4,99
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