OBNOXIOUS, THE - Beware Of The Dogs - CD
Here we go again. After six sick years, seven years in Tibet and a decade in Siberia, The Obnoxious return to the battlefield that is music today.Their years herding reindeer, fighting Mongolian hordes and polar bears have made the five players tougher, rougher and meaner than ever before. Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this! The long anticipated third album ‘Beware Of The Dogs’ has been unleashed, come one come all, take a stand take a fall!!
FFO:  DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front
WTF Records
£ 9,99
OBNOXIOUS, THE - Live Underground - CD
A new release by The Obnoxious in 2018? What the fuck? "Live Underground" marks their first official live release, capturing an entire show on their home turf: Rotterdam. Those who know The Obnoxious know what to expect: raw, untamed energy unleashed through a 15 song set, containing all the highlights. Those who don’t know: get your act together! Staying true to their motto: Very Loud Music, this outing is just that. Hardcore punk metal, boosted with humor and criticism.
FFO: Crossover, DRI, Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies 
WTF Records
£ 9,99
Hailing from the Valleys of South Wales Of Noble Blood are a five piece melodic hardcore act, and have come out of nowhere to produce a tight and tidy mini album, which although is nothing earth shattering will certainly hold its own in the realms of UK hardcore. Mastered by the acclaimed producer Iain Wetherall it is six tracks of pure loud, brash, abrasive hardcore to shatter the most hardened of ear drums.
FFO: Right Brigade, Blacklisted, No Turning Back
Staunch Records 
£ 2,99
OLDE YORK - Shallow World  - CD
Olde York is coming back three years after their debut album “Empire State”. Their style didnt change much but got little bit more mature sound, produced by Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Skarhead, Crown of Thornz). If you’re looking for an old school NYHC record in the vein of Sick Of It All, Breakdown & Agnostic Front look no further than Olde York’s “Shallow World”. 
WTF Records
£ 8,99
ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS - 20 Years Of Attitude - 2xCD
To celebrate the 20th anniversary O.A.C is back with a brand new CD "20 Years Of Attitude". 10 awesome new songs and on top of that they re-recorded 10 classic O.A.C. songs, chosen by the fans and pressed on a separate CD. The music has been mixed and mastered by Jacob Olsen for that awesome sound. All packed in a nice digipack. This is O.A.C.`s way to say thanks to their fans for 20 years of friendship!!
FFO: Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Death Threat, Death Before Dishonor
WTF Records
£ 11,99
OVERPOWER - One Mind, One Prison - MCD
Melbourne (AUS) young guns Overpower have finally put together their first official awaited release "One Mind One Prison". CD was released by 1054 Records as well as all digital platforms on November 30th 2018. Be prepared for a totally fresh & unique blend of everything from Beatdown to Thrash to Hardcore to Death Metal !!! These guys somehow manage to create a hybrid sound molding all of these styles into one cohesive final product. 
FFO: Knuckledust, Length Of Time, Irate
1054 Records
£ 6,99
OWN YOUR LIFE - Own Your Life - CDEP
OWN YOUR LIFE its a new band from Saint Neots, UK 
Debut CDEP - Raised Fist meeting Most Precious Blood. 
Mark My Words Records
£ 3,99
PATH TO MISERY - Primitive Understanding - CD
This is a fully remixed and remastered version of the Path To Misery full length recorded in 2008. An entirely new set of vocals (and guest vocals) have been recorded as well as an entirely re-envisioned packaging which includes multi-layered transparency film encompassing reclaimed materials.
AJ from Facewreck on vocals. For fans of mid 2000 metalcore (that one closer to hardcore than metal)  and heavy riffs. One of the best in this genre.
Preserving Hardcore
£ 6,99
PAURA - Slowly Dying of Survival - CD
Established in 1995, Brazilian HC band Paura are true legends of the Sao Paolo Hardcore Scene. This new album "Slowly Dying Of Survival" is yet another great progression in their long & successful career and is sure to finally put them on the map worldwide where they rightly deserve to be !! Always 'DIY'. Independence and ethics are the fuel since the beginning.
FFO: Firstblood, Hatebreed, Knuckledust, Throwdown
1054 Records
£ 9,99
POUND FOR POUND - Kill Yourself - CD
After their furious second full-length "For our fallen brothers" on Erie/PA-based Surprise Attack Mob Rec Records (USA), the Springfield/IL heavyweights are back with their third full CD including 13 new punishing take-no-shit Hatecore tracks. The CD title "Kill yourself" speaks for itself. Complete with apocalyptic and negative fuck-you! lyrics with a bleak outlook on life enhanced by a soundtrack of brutal no-nonsense Hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst-filled music for fans of Madball, Cold As Life, 100 Demons, Merauder and classical early-90´s Hatecore stuff a la Neglect, Bonesaw and Sheer Terror.  
Filled With Hate Records
£ 4,99
PRIMAL AGE - A Hell Romance - CD
Primal Age is a French band that was formed in 1997. The band claims to be one of the first bands in France to mix hardcore and metal and so they released their debut in 1999 called “The Light To Purify”. After that the band takes a pauze till 2005 and in 2007 they recorded their second opus “A Hell Romance”. Primal Age is a well oiled metalcore band that is brutal enough to be enjoyed by many.
FFO: Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Heaven Shall Burn
Customcore Records
£ 7,99
PRIMAL AGE - The Gearwheels of Time - CD
Vegan Straight Edge 90’s metalcore from France. The band was founded in 1997, became Absone in 1999, and then became Primal Age again in 2006 and remains active under that name until today – still vegan, still straight edge, still shredding that 90’s Metal(core) sound.
FFO: Arkangel, Earth Crisis, Heaven Shall Burn
Deadlight Entertainment
£ 7,99
PRIMAL AGE vs. xMOSTOMALTAx vs. CHERISH - Kill A Theory Vol II - split - CD
Straight Edge hordes from France, Argentina and Japan on one CD in 3way split. Four songs from each band.
FFO: Edge Metal, Vegan Metal Core, 90s metalcore
Seven Eight Life / Dealight / Retribution / Vegan Records
£ 7,99
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