NORTHWALK - Crossroads - CD

"Crossroads" is the 4th album by Quebec Canada's Heavy Hardcore oufit Northwalk & their debut release on 1054 Records. Having been a staple member of the Canadian Hardcore scene for quite a few years they are now ready to step it up & make their mark on the world scene with this killer new album that clearly shows the progression they have made over their journey. With fellow countrymen & now labelmates Scarfold & Northern Hit Squad they are ready to make some moves so get ready !!! 1054 Records

£ 3,99
Heavy groovy hardcore straight from Groningen, The Netherlands. 
Member of Lies! and Instil.
This is their first full-length album after a demo tape.
Mark My Words Records

£ 0,99
NOTHING FROM NO ONE - Requiem For Mankind - CD
"Requiem For Mankind" is the debut full length assault on 1054 Records by French heavy hitters NFNO & quite simply is an outstanding album from start to finish which is sure to be an instant hit with all fans of intelligent yet brutal riff fueled Hardcore.  Musically this album is flawless & Styx's vocal range is absolutely ridiculous !!! Add to the recipe some crazy guest vocal features & you have the perfect storm !!! 
FFO: 100 Demons, All Out War, Companion, Crowned Kings
1054 Records
£ 9,99
NOTHING FROM NO ONE - The Painful Truth - MCD
Nice selfreleased debut digipack by Nothing From No One from Montpellier, France. Featuring six metallic New School Hardcore tracks with a huge New York City influence. Think of  Sworn Enemy meets Merauder meets Do Or DIe meets Hatebreed. Guest-vocals by Thiago Worst, Vince from AleanJacta Est and Danny Angel Crew New full-length release coming soon via 1054 Records, Australia.
Season Of Mist
£ 6,99
OBNOXIOUS, THE - Beware Of The Dogs - CD
Here we go again. After six sick years, seven years in Tibet and a decade in Siberia, The Obnoxious return to the battlefield that is music today.Their years herding reindeer, fighting Mongolian hordes and polar bears have made the five players tougher, rougher and meaner than ever before. Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this! The long anticipated third album ‘Beware Of The Dogs’ has been unleashed, come one come all, take a stand take a fall!!
FFO:  DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front
WTF Records
£ 1,99
OBNOXIOUS, THE - Live Underground - CD
A new release by The Obnoxious in 2018? What the fuck? "Live Underground" marks their first official live release, capturing an entire show on their home turf: Rotterdam. Those who know The Obnoxious know what to expect: raw, untamed energy unleashed through a 15 song set, containing all the highlights. Those who don’t know: get your act together! Staying true to their motto: Very Loud Music, this outing is just that. Hardcore punk metal, boosted with humor and criticism.
FFO: Crossover, DRI, Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies 
WTF Records
£ 1,99
ONE LIFE TAKEN - One Nation Under War - MCD
One Life Taken is a Metallic Hardcore band from Phoenix, AZ.
4-panel Digipack-CD limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
FWH Records
£ 3,99
ONE SECOND THOUGHT - Queens Style 1995 - 1999 - CD
Ultimate discography by Queens NYC Beatdown Hardcore legends One Second Thought. The 6-panel Digipack-CD features the seven songs of the "Self-inflicted" MCD released 1999, three songs from their "Queens Style" demo tape released 1996, three songs from their "Everyday struggle" 7inch released 1997  plus two songs from the "Unity" Compilation released in 1996. In total fifteen tracks packed in a completely new layout designed by Cory OST himself. A massive release with pure historical content dropping you directly into 90´s NYC heavy Beatdown Hardcore with bands like Denied, Bulldoze, Everybody Gets Hurt, Relentless, Restrain, Irate and Billy Club Sandwich.
FWH Records
£ 3,99
ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS - 20 Years Of Attitude - 2xCD
To celebrate the 20th anniversary O.A.C is back with a brand new CD "20 Years Of Attitude". 10 awesome new songs and on top of that they re-recorded 10 classic O.A.C. songs, chosen by the fans and pressed on a separate CD. The music has been mixed and mastered by Jacob Olsen for that awesome sound. All packed in a nice digipack. This is O.A.C.`s way to say thanks to their fans for 20 years of friendship!!
FFO: Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Death Threat, Death Before Dishonor
WTF Records
£ 4,99
Full-length debut by Outta Control from South-West Germany. 12 songs of blunt beatdown music with the drops moving downwards. Guest vocals by Chris Chamber Of Malice, Mario Cunthunt, Nick Drowning and Matthi Nasty.
FFO: Words Of Concrete, Circle Of Death, Balboa, Nasty
59 Records
£ 2,99
PATH OF RESURGENCE‎– Blinded By Desire - MCD
MMW58 - Mark My Words Records
£ 1,99
PATH TO MISERY - Primitive Understanding - CD
This is a fully remixed and remastered version of the Path To Misery full length recorded in 2008. An entirely new set of vocals (and guest vocals) have been recorded as well as an entirely re-envisioned packaging which includes multi-layered transparency film encompassing reclaimed materials.
AJ from Facewreck on vocals. For fans of mid 2000 metalcore (that one closer to hardcore than metal)  and heavy riffs. One of the best in this genre.
Preserving Hardcore
£ 1,99
PATH TO WAR - No Man’s Land - CD
Maryland Death Metal, Path to War’s compilation album. Heavily Bolt Throwing death metal worship. Japan import, coming with regular jewel cases and Obi-strips.
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 4,99
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