FURY DEPARTMENT - Truckbeast Attitude - CD
The one and only, brutal, moshing, betadown hardcore truck Fury Department!!! Ridiculous hardcore heavyness FFO: dying in the moshpit, big fucking trucks & Rick ta Life on a horse!
FD is a true oldschool hardcore heavyweight, consisting of members from Earthfall, Face Your Enemy, Fracture, Total Recall, Final Struggle, etc.This CD contains their new 3-song EP plus their first output “Friendship, Oldness, Commitment”, transforming this release into a full fledged album, featuring guests/friends from all over the world: Matt “Last Breath”, Andreino “Short Fuse”, Tim “The Rule, Dome “Face Your Enemy”, Derek “XRepresentX”, Pierre “Knuckledust”, Ergobeat, Ale & Stefy,
MMW65 - Mark My Words Records / Bound By Modern Age Records

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