ENSLAVE – Spiritual Authority & Temporal Power - Tape
Enslave debut EP/demo
90s Style Edge Metal(core) from Russia
Bound By Modern Age Records / Polar Summer
£ 3,99
FARCE - Demo - Tape
The New Wave Of British Hardcore strikes again, and once again it’s a killer. Farce brings the Ripcord / Heresy / Doom influenced hardcore punk back on the map. 80s UKHC Punk on steroids with songs about government cuts and veganism by the folks from Arms Race, Obstruct, Shrapnel, Violent Reaction, True Vision, and Runt!
Quality Control HQ
£ 3,99
FIRST FIGHT DOWN - Revelation: Extinction - Tape
Gods of the real metalcore - yes i`m talking about aggressive riffs and screaming vocals from late 90s - are back.
After few years of silence they have recorded 4 new songs which are just AMAZING !!!!
Fans of Arkangel, Reprisal, From The Dying Sky gonna love this album !! 
Diorama Records
£ 4,99
FLEX, THE - Flexual Healing Vol. 7 Perhaps the War is over? Perhaps it's Peace? - Tape
The Flex are BACK! These UKHC legends bring you their signature blend of early 80s UK punk and late 80s NYHC
FFO: Arms Race, Breakdown, Vilent Reaction
Quality Control HQ
£ 3,99
Fortress Black is a german a blackened hardcore band, with lots of black metal influences, formed in 2012. 
FFO: Dunkelheit, Naturgewalt & Total Death!
Bound By Modern Age Records / Our World Records
£ 3,99
FORWARD TO EDEN - The First Jihad: Liberation Of The Heart - Tape
Forward To Eden - one man vegan sxe project. Ultra militance. 
FFO: Metal mixed with hardcore plus vegan sxe philosphy. 
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
FURY - Promo 2017 - Tape
Orange County’s Fury continue their unique blend of hardcore song-writing on this first release since their massive genre-defining LP ‘Paramount’, with two new tracks for their upcoming follow up LP and a cover of the often overlooked band, Ability. Fans of ‘Paramount’ will be pleased to hear more of those beautifully crafted elements of Burn, Outburst, Beyond every so subtly entwined
Quality Control HQ
£ 3,99
HANDS UPON SALVATION - Celebrate The Newborn - Tape
"Celebrate The Newborn" originally out on 2004. consist of 5 songs where hardcore spirit are combined with metal heaviness. HUS are one of the biggest metalcore bands in Indonesia since early 2000. 
FFO: Liar, Heaven Shall Burn, Abnegation.
Forget The Pain Inc. 
£ 4,99
90's metalcore is back!. "Heresy" comes with 10 song: 9 new ones plus 1 coversong from the notorious Liar of H8000 Belgium. 10 songs of aggressive strong influences between hardcore, trash to death metal. Grab this and play it at maximum volume, expect the unexpected cause they're coming in hard!.
FFO: Liar, Heaven Shall Burn, Congress, In Flames, Sunrise 
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
HEARTFELT - Strange New World - Tape
Last ever recorded songs (spring 2017). Unluckily band said "enough" same year. More metal, more core. Members of Heartfelt are still active in Devour, Titan ...
FFO: Morning Again, Kindred, Slayer
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
IMPOSTER - Demo - Tape
Imposter put their stamp firmly on the hardcore map with a sound drenched in early 80s Boston Hardcore for some stomping good times on the dance floor. Think hooks for days, and beats that know how to get you moving. This being NWOBHC however, there is also a touch of Voorhees, Oi and UK82 punk in the mix, tied together with a proper snotty vocal and lyrics exploring the psychology of power and violence. 
FFO: 80s Boston, Voorhees, Oi
Quality Control HQ
£ 3,99
LESS THAN ZERO - Kill For Peace - Tape
Less Than Zero is a new straight edge hardcore band from Southapton / Reading area in UK. Members of Realm Of Torment, Nihility, Full Strenght. Mosh like army caps & cargo shorts are still in fashion. 
FFO: Untill The End, Firstblood, Loyal To The Grave
Rage Records
£ 4,00
MAKASRR - Demo 2018 - Tape
A first demonstration by these Belgium oldschool lads. (Ex-)members of Bands like Bloodred, Regression, Core Of Anger, Zero Tolerance, etc.
Two songs but thirteen mins of experimental, death, progressive metal and hardcore.
FFO: Crowbar, Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
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