East-Germany´s Brawl Between Enemies returns with their long awaited third full-length release entitled "Forever enemies". Harder than ever, the band strikes back with their massive European Beatdown brutality somewhere between Balboa, Nasty, Words Of Concrete, Vow Of Hatred and Cold Hard Truth. Featuring guest vox by Mentality Cruelty and Tim CHT.
BBE Self-released
£ 2,99
BRIGHT GREEN -  The Highs Are Getting Lower - MCD
After Man Overboard’s abrupt hiatus in 2016, lead vocalist Zac Eisenstein was quick to begin his new project Bright Green and release the acoustic EP, The Highs Are Getting Lower. He then spent the fall and top of 2017 supporting Set Your Goals on their ‘Mutiny’ 10 Year Anniversary shows.
Produced by fellow Man Overboard vocalist, Nik Bruzzese
FFO: Emo acoustic pop-punk 
Bright Green Self-released 
£ 1,99
BROKEN HUMANITY - Mindcrusher - CD
Two years after the release of "Left to suffer" the Ruhrpott five-piece Broken Humanity returns with their long-awaited full-length debut. "Mindcrusher" punches the listener with a destructive hybrid of Beatdown, Hardcore and Metal somewhere between Nasty, Circle Of Death, Shattered Realm, World Of Pain, Line Od Scrimmage and Years Spent Cold. Straight up Ruhrpott brutality with great riffing and furious breakdowns. Feat. guest-vocals by Tito Surge Of Fury and Chris Shattered Realm, Suffer The Living.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 4,99
BUILD FOR BATTLE - Killing The Dream - CD
Build For Battle deliver some tight late 90´s metallic hardcore mosh with a modern touch. Aggressive, heavy and brutal... Sounding like a mix of Sworn Enemy "Negative outlook"-era with early All Out War, 100 Demons, Shattered Realm. Feat. ex-members from Brick By Brick, 357 Justice, Cutthroat and Facecast. 
FFO: All Out War, 100 Demons, Sworn Enemy
Brutality Records
£ 4,99
BURIED -  If Hell Exists - MCD
Buried is a new heavy Hardcore crew hailing from Albany, Upstate NY. The band just finished their debut entitled "If hell exists" and immediately started cooperation with FWH Records. Get ready for some fresh Beatdown driven Hardcore strongly influenced by the glorious mid-2000 MySpace Mosh era. Five hard as brick tunes between classical heavy bands like CDC, In Blood We Trust, Folsom, WiIntch Mob and modern US Beatdown like MH Chaos, Bovice and Hurtpiece. "If hell exists" comes as a digipack release strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide.
£ 1,99
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