STRUGGLE - s/t - Tape
This is the debut EP from one of the coolest bands in Sweden - Struggle. Hailing from the town of Vasteras they play a twist of modern hardcore.
Short, fast, aggressive with great mosh bits and even better vocal parts. 
FFO: Floorpunch, two steps ans singalongs 
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 4,99
THROUGH CHAOS & SOLITUDE - The Thawing Winds Of The Morning Sun - Tape
19 mins in three amazing songs of insane atmospheric black metal. Played by some hardcore/metal dude(s) from other projects. 
FFO: Woods Of Ypres, Agalloch, Falls Of Rauros
Bound By Modern Age Records

£ 3,99
VILE SPIRIT - Demo - Tape
New generation of hardcore punks from Brighton, UK. Vile Spirit, an apt name for a band who’s vocalist Ben is known for temporary possession with wild and unpredictable performances and a truly terrifying voice.
FFO: United Mutation
Quality Control HQ
£ 3,99
VITAL FORCE - Aurora - Tape
Vegan straight edge oldschool hardcore punk band from Russia.
FFO: Raid, Chokehold, Outspoken
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
WATCH ME DIE - Demo - Tape
London’s newest straight edge band. Metalcore.
FFO: Breakdowns, movie samples, Straight Edge
The Coming Strife Records
£ 4,99
WHEN ASHES ARE RISING - Of Earth And Men - Tape
After a more hardcore-oriented first self-titled EP, the band decided they wanted to go for a more old school Metalcore sound heavily influenced by the Swedish metal scene, with bands like In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, and, above all, At The Gates. Ex-members of Italian bands like Absence, Cybercage and OxC.
FFO: Heaven Shall Burn, At THe Gates, Reprisal
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 3,99
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