What can you expect when original Shattered Realm singer Chris team up with some former NJ Redline and current Fallback members? Right... Heavy as fuck metal driven NJ hardcore. And Suffer The Living really know how to combine Shattered Realm hardcore roots with All Out War metal power, some melodic Irate riffing and lots of Full Blown Chaos mosh brutality. Completely mastered at West West Music by Alan Douches and coming with exclusively painted artwork by Rafal Wechterowicz. Get this masterpiece containing 11 songs of pure NJ bestiality or rot in fuckin hell...
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,99
SUNAMI - Sunami - MCD
The band just started, but right now, Sunami are one of our finest sources of all-out hooligan hardcore. The EP is just total chest-puffed-out brawl music. It’s primal and heavy and ridiculous. Members of bands like Gulch and Hands Of God. Japan import. 
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 9,99
SUNDAYS - Free At Loss - CDEP

Sundays (Belgium), new CDEP from Brigde 9 band which is not signed by them yet. 
" The EP sounds technically sophisticated, without being overproduced. It holds the raw energy of Punk, the „Thump“ of Hardcore and the noise and emotions of Post-Hardcore. A liberation for all three genres and a for a lot of emotions!" - AwayFromLife
FFO: Defeater, Verse, Have Heart, Bridge 9
MMW41 - Mark My Words Records
£ 3,99
Superhero Status is back with a fresh new EP, this time a nice and crisp MCD digipack filled with uplifting oldschool hardcore punkrock songs. Their debut 7″ was very promising and Superhero Status does not dissapoint with this new banger!!
Put on your dancing shoes and prepare for stage dive-high fives and lots of singalongs!!
FFO: old Ignite, H20, Good Clean Fun
WTF Records
£ 5,99
SWING ON SIGHT FAMILY - Worldwide Split Volume 3 - CD
Founded back in 2002 in Youngstown Ohio, the SOSF expanded the last decade to a global organization with chapters in the USA, Japan, Spain and Germany. After two editions including an American and Japanese band each, "Volume 3" takes the next step further and features Cold Reign (Indiana/USA), Gentlemen`s Sports (Hamburg/D) and Guerrilla Crowz (Tokyo/JP). Each band recorded 4 new tracks of straight-up, uncompromising no-nonsense Hardcore influenced by the traditional Cleveland sound like Ringworm, In Cold Blood, One Life Crew and even classical NYHC like Cro_mags, Madball and Merauder.
FWH Records
£ 4,99
TERROR - No Regrets No Shame - CD/DVD
"No Regrets No Shame" is a nice addition for everyone who loves Terror and it’s also a great way for the ‘younger’ kids to see how one of the biggest hardcore bands around started out. CD features all the songs of "Lowest Of The Low" in a live setting. DVD containing footage from the same show in the Showcase Theater as well as a music video for ‘Push It Away’ song.
Bridge Nine Records
£ 6,99
THROUGH CHAOS & SOLITUDE - The Thawing Winds Of The Morning Sun - CDEP

19 mins in three amazing songs of insane atmospheric black metal. Played by some hardcore/metal dude(s) from other projects. This CD was released together with Bound By Modern Age Records. 
Mark My Words Records

£ 3,99
TITAN - Tarred and Feathered - MCD
Titan (Belgium) is back. After a few demos and a very successful split with Witness The Fall, it`s time for MCD. Melancholic, distressed hardcore and dischords with a political and misanthropic message. Ex-members of Heartfelt, Once... Never Again and Bourbon For Roses.
Norma Jean meets early Poison The Well and Reveal. 
MMW33 - Mark My Words Records
£ 4,99
TO THE WIND - The Brighter View - CD
To The Wind, hailing from Seattle, Washington, are quickly rising stars in the hardcore/metal crossover scene. Taking bits from hardcore along the lines of Defeater and Being As An Ocean and mixing it with slightly more metallic elements in the vein of The Ghost Inside and High Hopes, this album is as good on record as it sounds on paper.
Pure Noise Records
£ 7,99
TORN APART - Ten Songs For The Bleeding Hearts - CD
£ 4,00
Risen out of the ashes of bands like Naysayer, Forfeit,Malfunction and Warehound this Syracuse Straight Edge powerhouse deliver an outstanding heavy debut full-length. Upstate New York Metal combined with Syracuse 90´s Hardcore sounding like a heavy mix of Another Victim, Hatebreed, Buried Alive and Earth Crisis. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Cannibal Corpse). Japan import.
Retribute Records
£ 9,99
TZOMPANTLI - Tlamanalli - MCD
A new doom death metal project by Brian from Xibalba.
FFO:  Triptykon, Incantation, Mortiferum, Winter and the early Therion
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 5,99
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