RUST PROOF - Civil Treason - CD
Aussie hardcore outfit feat. members from Tenth Dan, Blood Money and Speartackle. Tough. heavy, punishing hardcore with an unparalleled energy that will have any listener punching the floor, banging their head and menacing with a positive rage.
FFO: heavy hardcore like old Hatebreed, Madball, Terror, Lionheart
1054 Records
£ 8,00
RZL DZL - Both - CD
Rzl Dzl (Detroit, Michigan) plays a brand of fast, short, and attitude-filled hardcore. This release definitely fits in with the rest of the Lockin Out catalog and I'm sure it will catch on with many Mental or Slumlords fans.
FFO: Mental, Righteous Jams, The Wrong Side
Lockin' Out Records
£ 5,00
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