BURIED ALIVE - Death Will Find You - CD
Hailing from Buffalo NY and featuring Terror's Scott Vogel on vocals, Buried Alive were known for their unique metallic edge and despite their short-lived existence, proved to be one of the most influential hardcore bands from the late 90's. Twenty years after their initial breakup, Buried Alive are back and ready to release "Death Will Find You", an EP featuring two brand new songs and two re-mastered tracks from their split with Reach The Sky + only on CD version 4 bonus remastered songs from their  1998 Demo Session. The band picks up right where they left off, bringing you a serious dose of hard-hitting urgent metallic hardcore. Japan import. 
Retribute Records
£ 6,99
This split MCD combines three exclusive songs from one of hardcore's most recognized bands, Champion, with three new songs from one of hardcore's most exciting bands, Betrayed (with Champion members in).
FFO: Chain of Strenght, Bane, Comback Kid
Rivarly Records
£ 1,99
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