WIDE SHUT - Expose - MCD
Wide Shut formed in 2016 in Toulouse, France. Their sound is straight up, in your face Metallic Hardcore, blending the vast different musical influences of each band member into one cohesive force !! FFO: metallic hardcore with groovy metal mosh parts. 
1054 Records
£ 6,99
WILL TO LIVE - Old Habits Die Hard - CD
Godfathers of Texas Hardcore.14 tracks, still brutal still heavy - joins together the powerful Madball hardcore energy, the destructive mosh of the early Hatebreed recordings and even the bulldozer Crowbar heaviness. Established back in 1997, Will To Live has always outlasted the loud mouths and fads keeping it real for TXHC and heavy uncompromising music.
Filled WIth Hate Records
£ 7,00
Retribute Records
£ 9,99
XMILK - Brunes Tendres Rebels - CD
Xmilk was one of the best hardcore old school bands from Barcelona back in the 90's. Influences like 7 seconds, Gorilla Biscuits or Youth of Today were easy to recognise but the band decided to go a bit further exploring new territories, finding a modern sound for their songs, a better studio production on their music and bringing the band to the next level when releasing an authentic masterpiece called 'Scarcity' back in 1998. After splitting up in 2000 they`ve decided to come back in 2015 and record 3 new songs. This CD includes new a single plus bonus live songs. 
Drone Attack Records
£ 5,99
ZLATAN - 2014-219 - CD
Hardcore/punk band from Barcelona, Spain. Members of Hzero, Still Water to Rain, Cinder, Hangman Tree, Malas Lenguas, Get it Back and No Second Chance.
This is their full discography on one CD released by London hxc/punk label Drone Attack Records.
Drone Attack Records
£ 3,99
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