UNDERWATER, THE - Bleed Me Blue - CD
Hailing from York, Pennsylvania, the town that spawned the multi-platinum talents of Live and Fuel, comes yet another unique and exquisite rock act that is surely bound for that same stardom. The Underwater began with former members of Boywunder and more recently added Zao’s Jesse Smith on drums.  
FFO: ur Lady Peace, Filter and The Juliana Theory

Tribunal Records
£ 5,00
UNITED BLOOD - The Plague - CD
Austria´s Salzburg is very well known as Mozart´s hometown, but also offers a fine breed of straight up heavy Hardcore. Founded back in 2003  five-piece United Blood finally found a new home on FWH Records. This release consists of seven precise and tight metallic hardcore tracks full of crushing riffs, savage breakdowns and angry pissed-off vocals.
FFO: Knuckledust, 100 Demons, Lifeless, Ringworm 
Filled With Hate Records
£ 6,00
Formed in 2013, after debut demo (2015) and 3way split with Kruelty and Mirrors, this Japanese metalcore band finally released a long-awaited full album. Classic euro edge-metal in the vein of Reprisal and Sentence mixed with the sound of Taken or Naiad. 
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 9,99
Upstate Records have put together this beast of a compilation ... Volume II runs for around 80 minutes and features 26 bands from all corners of the globe.
Upstate Records
£ 8,00
VICIOUS JUDGEMENT - Vicious Judgement - MCD
Forming in 2016 from the ashes of Adelaide hardcore band To Kill or Capture, this 4 piece group is is not one to mess around.  Vicious Judgement aim to bring high energy aggressive music with lyrics to make you think. The debut 5 track release will touch lyrically on societal and personal issues that the listener will be able to relate to as it's the constant battle we all fight !! 
FFO: Knuckledust, Crowned Kings, Terror & 100 Demons
1054 Records
£ 7,00
Established 2008 in Pittsburgh, Vow Of hatred became one of the key leaders of the second wave beatdown generation during the past decade. Their newest full-length entitled "1500" marks the next heavy step in the band´s career, bringing back the face breaking Pittsburgh beatdown sound with massive breakdowns perfectly fitting for people who like beating up their friends.
FFO:No Retreat, Enemy Mind, Shattered Realm, Line Of Scrimmage
Filled With Hate Records
£ 8,00
WE ARE IDOLS - We Are Idols - CD
Death’n'roll from Wroclaw, Poland. Right inbetween The Stooges and Eyehategod. Seriously. Lyrics without puns, although sad and cruel. All of them on the matter of struggling of consciousness forced in human flesh with brute urges. Grab some cheap whiskey and a handfull of prozac, it’s gonna be really grim.
FFO: Entombed, Turbonegro, Motorhead
Get By Records
£ 5,99
WHATEVER IT TAKES - Chasing The Rush - CD
Belgian benchpress heavyweights 8 tracks including the 4SKINS cover "Wonderful world". Members from Die..MyDemon, The Boss and Outcast, the band is stronger and heavier than ever. Drawing influences from mid-90´s East Coast bands like Fury Of Five, Next Step Up and Clubber Lang combined with early Limburg-Chapter tuff guy fury a la Crawlspace, the DHM hooligans deliver one of the hardest and most violent European Hardcore records so far. Including guest-vocals by original BornFromPain singer Che.
Filled With Hate Records
£ 7,00
WHEN ASHES ARE RISING - The Light Of A Thousand Sparks - CD
WAAR was formed in 2014 with ex-members of Absence, Cybercage, OxC. After a first more hardcore-oriented demo, the band decides to go for a more old school metalcore sound heavily influenced by the Swedish metal scene (one band among all: At The Gates) with their first full length “Of Earth And Men”. WAAR in 2018 recorded "The Light Of A Thousand Sparks" and added even more Scandinavian metal but still mixed with 90s Italian hardcore. 
FFO: At The Gates, Purification, Congress

Mark My Words Records
£ 5,99
WHO CARES? - Are We Having Fun Yet? - CD
Mark My Words Records
£ 4,99
WILL TO LIVE - Old Habits Die Hard - CD
Godfathers of Texas Hardcore.14 tracks, still brutal still heavy - joins together the powerful Madball hardcore energy, the destructive mosh of the early Hatebreed recordings and even the bulldozer Crowbar heaviness. Established back in 1997, Will To Live has always outlasted the loud mouths and fads keeping it real for TXHC and heavy uncompromising music.
Filled WIth Hate Records
£ 7,00
Retribute Records
£ 9,99
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