SEVEN DAY LIE - Tak Wiele Dróg - CD
Hardcore from Wroclaw, Poland. 11 songs of melodic energetic hardcore punk mixed with metallic riffs. Members of Identity, The Dog, We Are Idols, Self Respect.
FFO: As Freinds Rust, Comeback Kid, Avail
In Our Hands Records
£ 3,99
SEVENTH CIRCLE - The Torture Chronicles - CD
The Belgian five piece have a solid blackened hardcore backbone, backed up by punishing amounts of HM-2, grinding death metal and a few nods to their native H8000 scene. This is a full discography compilation on one CD. 2x EP plus album. 
FFO: Nails, Trap Them, All Pigs Must Die, Rotten Sound, Full Of Hell
Kick Out The Jams Records
£ 5,00
SHAI HULUD - Misanthropy Pure - CD
It is impossible not to recognize the impact that Shai Hulud has had upon the metal and hardcore scene since the band's inception in the mid '90s. "misanthropy pure" revisits all of the energy, intensity and melody of the band's past recordings, but does so with a cleaner and more marketable production job. "misanthropy pure" is the product of extreme attention to detail, with the band expanding on their signature melodic metallic hardcorecore sound with off-kilter time signatures and plenty of bitter lyrics.
FFO: Strongarm, Counterparts, Stoleaway, Morning Again
£ 4,99
SHORT FUSE - Sink Or Swim - CD
Short Fuse is a Rome-based hardcore band originated in 2014. Band’s sources of inspiration are To Kill, No Turning Back, Comeback Kid, Have Heart, Bane, Champion, characterized by a positive mental attitude. "Sink Or Swim" its a new album released in January 2019 by their friends in Indelirium Records. Singalongs, stagedives and mosh. Hardcore in the best way!
FFO: Comback Kid, No Turning Back, Champion ...
Indelirium Records
£ 6,99
SHORT FUSE - What Still Remains - MCD
Italian hardcore group Short Fuse have released this MCD in 2016 on Indelirium Records. This material from the five-piece contains seven aggressive but melodic songs and should please all fans of singalongs and stage dives. Why this band is not big yet? So much energy here ...
FFO: Trial, Bane, Champion, Madball
Indelirium Records
£ 4,99
SHORT FUSE 59 - s/t - CDEP
Short Fuse 59 is a heavy hittin´ brandnew hardcore outfit from Denver Colorado. Their selftitled debut delivers nothing more than simple straight hard as a brick violent beatdown influenced by bands such as Six Ft DItch, Taste The Steel, Crowd Deterrent. Vow Of Hatered. The band never tried to reinvent the wheel or mixing up genres, Short Fuse 59 just play brutal hardcore music. Guest-vokillz by Chris Chamber Of Malice. 
Filled With Hate Records
£ 5,00
SICKER THAN MOST - No Dividing Line - CD
£ 5,00
SIGHTS & SOUNDS - Silver Door - CD
Slightly more melodic than ’09’s full-length ‘Monolith’, this EP is jam-packed with aggressive, singalong anthems. It’s rare for anyone to have a side-project as brilliant as the day job, but these six tracks prove how underrated Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld is as a songwriter. 
FFO: Rise Against, Foo Fighters, BMTH
Pure Noise Records
£ 5,99
SPIDER CREW - Sounds Of Hatered - CD
The title of the album wraps it up. ‘Sounds Of Hatered’ is filled with angry pissed off hardcore, without losing the classic Spider Crew working class street vibe. Featuring members and ex-members of Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain and bandmembers from all over the globe, band creates an exciting mix of (New York) hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority.11 brand new tracks wich are more diverse than ever.
FFO: Warzone, Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood
WTF Records
£ 9,99
SPLITKNUCKLE - Innocence Bleeds - CD
If you live in the UK then I'm sure you already know what's up, if you don't, then listen to it below and get acquainted. Hardcore/metal/beatdown whatever the fuck you wanna call it, taking influences from bands like Raiden and Special Move and putting their own twist on it. Members of Nihility.
Dead Sky Recordings
£ 7,99
STEEL CITY FIRM ‎– Steel City Firm - CDEP
From the remains of Pittsburghs End Of Humanity comes the new band Steel City Firm (S.C.Firm). S.C. is a lot like EOH as far as style but the vocals are closer to Earth Crisis style and lyrics are more aware.​
Filled With Hate Records
£ 3,99
STILL SCREAMING – From The Ashes Of A Dead Time - CD
Still Screaming was formed in the spring of 2005 by former members of Brightside, Shaft, Skyz The Limit and Point Break. Album "From The Ashes Of A Dead Time" has 14 hardcore songs full of energy and passion with massive singalongs, breakdowns and a thick groove.
FFO: Blood For Blood, Cold World Down To Nothing and Dead Hearts
WTF Records
£ 5,99
STOLEAWAY - A Monument To My Sins - CD
Melodic Hardcore/metalcore band from Crown Point, IN.
​FFO: Strongarm, Counterparts, The Ghost Inside etc. 
This is a compilation of their singles never released on CD
Mark My Words Records
£ 2,99
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