WHO CARES? - Are We Having Fun Yet? - CD
Mark My Words Records
£ 0,99
WIDE SHUT - Expose - MCD
Wide Shut formed in 2016 in Toulouse, France. Their sound is straight up, in your face Metallic Hardcore, blending the vast different musical influences of each band member into one cohesive force !! FFO: metallic hardcore with groovy metal mosh parts. 
1054 Records
£ 1,99
WILL TO WIN - The World Is Doomed - CD
Two years ago in January 2020 WILL TO WIN published their second full-length digital-only with complete Russian lyrics and titles. One year later the band recorded new vocals in the English language for the worldwide scene including special guest appearances by Alex Malevolence, Troy Easy Money and Janosch Spawn Of Disgust. "The world is Doomed" combines heavy EU Beatdown like DEathsquad and Nasty with heavy-hitting hardcore along the lines of CDC and Knuckledust, rounded up with some melodic Malevolence groove. The physical CD version is packed in a 6-panel glossy Digipack and is strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. FWH Records
£ 5,99
WOUNDED KNEE - Wounded Knee - CDEP
Having recently joined the 1054 Family these guys are ready to drop some heat with this debut self-titled EP !!! Bringing some seriously heavy modern Beatdown with plenty of old school vibes these dues are gonna go along way in the future !! 1054 Records
£ 2,99
xRISALEx - As The Foundations Burn​.​.​. - MCD
Debut MCD by Turkish vegan straight edge 90s style metallic hardcore outfit.
What started last year as a one-man project, now developed into a full fledged hardcore band!
FFO: Earth Crisis, Raid, Gather
Bound By Modern Age Records 
£ 2,99
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