TIMEBOMB vs DEACON - split - 7"
Check out Japan’s Deacon (members of Loyal To The Grave) who throw out some heavy Leeway/Cromags/Expire style hardcore out at you that comes HARD as nails on this split release that Harvcore Records is putting out with a US band called Timebomb.
Harvcore Records
£ 3,99
SOUL SEARCH - Nothing But A Nightmare - 7"
Southern California's Soul Search follows up "Bury the Blame" with their second 7 inch entitled "Nothing but a Nightmare" 5 songs of hardcore/metal in the vein of Merauder, Dmize, Madball, and Confusion.
Back To Back Records
£ 4,99
BEWARE - Won't Get The Best Of Me - 7"
Hailing from the beautiful city of Philadelphia, and featuring (ex) members of Stick Together, Let Down and Mother Of Mercy, Beware has quickly made a name for themselves by writing anthemic and passionate Straight Edge Hardcore in the tradition of bands like Chain Of Strength and In My Eyes. Their sound is honest and aggressive, yet with a melodic undertone. Classic, timeless hardcore that rings familiar and sounds fresh at the same time. Their debut EP features 3 songs off their well-received demo, re-recorded, and 3 brand new songs.
Back To Back Records
£ 4,99
Violent Situation reigns from Southern California and features members of Minus, Harness, Twitching Tongues, Minority Unit and many other great bands, and bring modern straight edge hardcore that's still fast and pissed.
FFO: Breakdown, Floorpunch
Back To Back Records
£ 5,99
FURY - Live On KXLU 2015 - 7"
So the boys in Fury did a live set at KXLU in LA. to celebrate, Triple-B Records teamed up with Video Disease Records to release this sucker on a limited to 500 7". All on black vinyl, no digital downloads. No repress, just 500 copies and they're gone! 
Triple-B Records / Video Disease Records 
£ 5,99
NOT AFRAID - Be Yourself - 7"
Not Afraid got together and started belting out songs, playing hardcore the way they have always loved it. There's hints of that early 80's rage, late 80's power and even some early 90's melody but all in all it is safe to say that genuine passion and raw energy is what ties it all together. The 'Be Yourself' EP features Not Afraid's first batch of songs and by the looks of things we can only expect great things from them in the future... 
Back To Back
£ 4,99
CAGED - Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet - 7"
Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet is a powerful debut EP by Caged, a vegan straight edge metalcore band that’s originating from Bologna, Italy. Ex-members of To Ashes.
True 90's style metal(core) with thoughtful and provoking lyrics.
FFO: Earth Crisis, Gather, Catharsis, Purification
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 5,99
RAIDEN  - The Devil's Handprint / The Killing Fist - 12"
The Coming Strife Records is proud to present "The Devil's Handprint" and "The Killing Fist" on vinyl for the first time ever. Side A features 2016's The Devil's Handprint and Side B features UKHC classic The Killing Fist. Both albums remastered for vinyl by John Hannon.
12" black vinyl with a fold-over sleeve featuring The Devil's Handprint on side A and The Killing Fist on side B.
FFO: Splitknuckle, Special Move, the devil.
The Coming Strife Records
£ 12,99
THE LOWEST - Divided - 12"
One of the most important bands on the map of Polish hardcore scene. Massive sound, dark lyrics, gloomy atmosphere. Few European tours, many great gigs, and appetite for more. Energy and vitality of this band is amazing. "Divided", brings you four brand new tracks on a 12" vinyl. The unique mixture of hardcore punk, metal and sludge. All vinyl comes with an amazing graver on the B side, done by Dawid Rudziński. On black vinyl with additional cover by Rafał Wechterowicz  (Too Many Skulls).
FFO: metallic dark hardcore
Demons Run Amok Entertainment, Hasiok Records, .Aorte, Pasażer, World's Appreciated Kitsch, Caramba
£ 5,99
Rearranged is a Moscow based band that got together sometime in 2008 when a couple of friends decided they wanted to do something that would be lyrically inspiring, challenging and honest while capturing the authenticity and sound of such acts like Minor Threat, Insted, Dag Nasty, Warzone and Youth of Today. 
Anger Battery Records
£ 5,99
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