EDEN IS GONE - Scattering Of My Malice - 12"
Riffgods from Eden Is Gone are back with 4 new songs plus a cover of Arkangel. You can expect the usual 100% top class edge-metal but this time a bit more mature.
FFO: Day Of Suffering, Arkangel, First Fight Down, In Flames and XXX
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
A crushing vegan Hardcore/Metalcore demo from Sweden.
Fairly new band with a big possible future if you ask me. Members of Embrace Death and No Saving Grace.
FFO: Slavearc, Reprisal, Rain Of Salvation
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 1,99
PATH OF RESURGENCE‎– Blinded By Desire - 12"
The long-awaited debut EP by Swiss 90’s style metalcore act, finally available on vinyl!
(with their demo on the b-side). Imagine xELEGYx never broke up. Imagine Undying got back together.
Bound By Modern Age Records / Grim Reality Records / Nuclear Family Records
£ 9,99
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