Hard thumping UKHC boys are back! Expect more club raging bangers to stay sober to. This record shows a progression towards the Oi! with spangly Telecasters at dawn. You'll be singing these tunes after the first listen, a great follow up to the best UKHC LP of the last decade.
FFO: Old Agnostic Front, Old Madball, Oi hardcore !
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
VITAL FORCE - Fetus Of Mankind - 7″
Vegan Straight Edge 90’s worship from Izhevsk, Russia.
After their well received demo, VF are taking on a more metallic (90’s chugg) path – still spreading the xvx message, this time even in english.
FFO: Raid, Green Rage, Vitality, Excessive Force
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 5,99
WAKE OF HUMANITY - At Capacity - 7"
Vegan Straight Edge hardcore with a message. Wake of Humanity delivers a punishing sound of heavy hardcore with thought provoking lyrics that inspire you to make the world a better place. This is an European version.
FFO: All Out War, Undying, Chokehold
Ugly And Proud Records
£ 5,50
WORK FOR IT - No Escape - 7"
Polish hardcore punk band from Tricity.
Elephant Skin Records
£ 3,00
‎ENTREFUEGO – El Espiritu Intacto La Esperanza De Pie - 7"
Straight Edge hardcore from Chile. Political hardcore with hints of metal, sounding a little bit like Trial at times but heavier.
FFO: Trial, One King Down, Constrict
Amendment Records
£ 3,00
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