Thrashy Metalcore from Stuttgart with a punky DIY attitude meets “not so bad (metallic) hardcore” from Berlin.
Two new cool tracks from each band.
FFO: At The Gates vs Terror
Bound By Midern Age Records
£ 3,99
Sentenced To Burn (ex-Drown) – Metallic oldschool Hardcore from Texas, delivering that 90’s Chugga Vibe. (Members of Drug Dogs, Soldier Game, …)
FFO: Buried Alive, Sepultura, Integrity
Renounced – Early 00’s Melodic, Emotional Metalcore from the UK with Breakdowns… a.k.a. “Crymosh” (Members of Abolition, Digress, Employed To Serve, …)
FFO: Poison The Well, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Hopesfall
Bound By Modern Age Records
£ 4,99
SHOOT TO KILL - s/t - 7"
Hardcore thrash metal, Springfield, MA
Rooker Records
£ 2,50
STAGES IN FAITH - Forgiving Man - 7"
Stages In Faith live between the self disciplined genre expansion of mid to late 80s hardcore, and the surge of melody and reflection that evolved in the 90s, and manage to hold that small but crucial space beautifully and precariously. Stages In Faith come from London and Essex in the UK, with members also playing in hardcore bands such as Blind Authority and Splitknuckle.
FFO: Leatherface, early Snuff, Jailcell Recipes
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
STATEMENT - Decide - 7"
The new Statement EP (if you don’t know this band, do some research please).This is 4 new tracks by the 90’s vegan straight edge legend Rat himself, this time with guest-vocalist xrulex (Forward To Eden).
FFO: Unborn, Deicide, Slayer, Vegan Reich
Bound By Modern Age Records / Bloodless Records
£ 4,99
TAKE CONTROL - Tides - 7"
Take Control brings their straight edge message packed in hardhitting fast and heavy hardcore, that both sounds firmly rooted in the past, but also very much 2008. The band may sound bitter, but brings with their music also a message of hope. As powerful and angry as hardcore should sound!
Commitment Records
£ 2,00
THE MIRACLE - True Spirit - 7"
The Miracle coming from the Milan area (Italy. )Modern and melodic old school hardcore in the vein of Bane, Verse, Comeback Kid and With Honor. In their lyrics The Miracle address scene related, personal and political topics.
FFO: Comback Kid, With Honour, Bane
Commitment Records
£ 2,50
THE MIRACLE MILE - The Future History - 7"
This is the final release from California's The Miracle Mile. Four original tracks of honest, sincere hardcore that the band became known for and a cover of Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings" that is pretty spot on. Members can be found making music in Dangers and Final Fight.
FFO: Final Fight, Have Heart, For The Crown
Sell Our Souls Records
£ 2,50
THINK TWICE - Deficit Youth - 7"
Think Twice was a hardcore band from Nottingham City and when many young bands forgot about the roots, Think Twice was bringing back hardcore to where it belongs. 5 songs and a cover of the almighty Beyond.Short and furious.
FFO: Straight Ahead, Negative Approach.
Anger Battery Records
£ 3,00
TO ASHES - The Refusal To Accept - 7"
The last output from now defunct Italian Vegan Straight Edge Oldschool Hardcore Outfit.
FFO: Purification, Reprisal, Green Rage, Earth Crisis
Bound By Modern Age Records / Animals Kingdom
£ 3,99
TRUE VISION - Against the Grain - 7"
Riding high on the New Wave Of British Hardcore, True Vision deliver their debut EP, featuring five tracks of straight edge hardcore with an incredible burst of energy and speed whilst keeping it catchy and memorable. This record showcases what skillful hardcore song writing is all about, channeling the original spirit that made this sub-genre of hardcore punk so great: Side by Side, Youth of Today, et al. Features members of Violent Reaction, Shrapnel, Arms Race, The Flex.
FFO: Side by Side and early Youth Of Today
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
UNJUST - Transparency - 7"
Manchester Hardcore unit Unjust release their debut 7" 'Transparency', ramping up the ferocity factor since their demo, channelling Brotherhood and Confront vibes with plenty of pit friendly mid tempo beats in between blasting verses. Members of Insist.
FFO: Brotherhood, Confront
Quality Control HQ
£ 5,00
v/a - Very Cool & Very Core - Ratel Records - 7"
 Ratel Records Compilation 7" with six polish hardcore bands.
FFO: Reality Check, Stone Heart, Last Dayz. Desperate Times, Outband, ThugXLife
Ratel Records
£ 3,00
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