BIRTH STRUGGLE DEATH - Cursed Generation - MCD

"Cursed Generation" by Birth Struggle Death features 7 tracks of groovy beatdown hardcore from Germany. Heavy hard as fakk SOSF 59 Hamburg Hardcore style.
FFO: Full Contact, Before I Had Wings, Nasty
Guillotine Records

£ 5,99
BUCKET OF HATE - Bucket Of Hate - CDEP
Debut release by Bucket Of Hate from Riesa, East-Germany. Five hardhitting tunes influenced by heavy Hardcore and Beatdown bands such as Brawl Between Enemies. Words Of Concrete, Clench Your Fist, xVicousx, Balboa 
Guillotine Records
£ 6,00
CRUELTY - Cruelty - CD
Guillotine Records teamed up with Cruelty to bring a compilation CD featuring 9 tracks of hard hitting metallic hardcore from their first two EP's "Cruelty" and "In The Grasp Of The Machines" available on CD for the first time! Cruelty are among the most exciting UK bands at the moment.
FFO: early Converge, Botch, Vein
Guillotine Records
£ 7,99
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