CRUELTY - Cruelty - CD
Guillotine Records teamed up with Cruelty to bring a compilation CD featuring 9 tracks of hard hitting metallic hardcore from their first two EP's "Cruelty" and "In The Grasp Of The Machines" available on CD for the first time! Cruelty are among the most exciting UK bands at the moment.
FFO: early Converge, Botch, Vein
Guillotine Records
£ 3,99
FRANTIC STATE - Peace In Our Time - CDEP

Four piece Hardcore outfit from Leicester, UK Frantic State returns with their fourth EP since their birth in 2017. "Peace in out time" is a perfect mix of typical London Hardcore likeKnuckledust, Ninebar, Life Betray Us  with the classical Big Apple NYHC sound like Sick OF It All, Biohazard and a little dose of Thrash
Guillotine Records
£ 1,99
SEDITION - War Against All - CD
Available for the first time on CD we've teamed up with Canada's Sedition to bring a deluxe edition of "War Against All" featuring all of the tracks from the EP plus two bonus tracks including a Hatebreed cover. 7 tracks of ignorant as fuck beatdown with a hip hop edge for fans of Warhound, Vow of Hatred and Three Knee Deep.
Guillotine Records
£ 0,99
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