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NJHC band LIFELESS - 2 years after dropping their last full length "Dream" they are back with 5 new songs on this EP released by Japan's Retribution Rec. Coming straight at you with their tested & true metallic tuff guy 90's east coast sound that they are so well known.
FFO: Shattered Realm, Merauder, Second To None, 100 Demons 
Retribute Records
£ 9,00
ALL OUT WAR - Give Us Extinction - CD
All Out War delivers some of the band’s most relentlessly destructive material to date on Give Us Extinction, the album offering over forty-two minutes of the band’s brutal metallic hardcore wrath. Fueled by some of the most scornful vocal intensity, brutal breakdowns, and infectious grooves to date, each track leaves scorched earth in their wake through All Out War’s monolithic NYHC-meets-thrash metal brutality.
FFO: All Out War (!), Slayer, 
£ 9,99
DESOLATED - The Beginning 2011-2014 - CD
Arguably the UK's finest beatdown band who have now found their home on leading label BDHW Records have teamed up here & released through Japan's Retribution Records one CD covering all their material from 2011 to 2014 in one !!!
FFO: Nasty, Knocked Loose, Brutality Will Prevail
Retribute Records
£ 11,99
DAY BY DAY - Nowhere To Run - CD
"Nowhere To Run" is Day By Day’s debut full length record. 11 tracks and nearly 30 minutes of raw, unadulterated, true-to-form hardcore. The songs speak for themselves so nothing more needs to be said about this record. Early 90's NYHC by way of South Florida.​ CD version has 4 bonus songs taken from ep "From Now On" !!
FFO: Indecision, Bloodlet, Buried Alive
Retribute Records
£ 10,99
Blood Calls We Die (Yamagata. Japan)  is bringing brutal metalcore  with European edge metal influence. This album is full of thick, beefy riffs, amazing harmonies, pummeling double bass assaults and a harsh vocal delivery. 10 songs for fans of heaven Shall Burn, Embody Is Chaos, End This Day or  Maroon. 
Includes a cover song of Absence - Choice Of The Wrong !!
Retribution Network
£ 7,99
DESPAIR - Four Years Of Decay - CD
Most people know Scott Vogel as frontman from Terror, but maybe never heard about his previous bands Buried Alive, Slugfest and Despair. This CD collects all 4 releases from Despair, published during their active time from 1994-98. 27 tracks in total. Metallic mid-90´s Bufallo NY Hardcore with a Chugga Chugga touch somewhere between Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Chokehold and Buried Alive. Japan import.
Retribute Records
£ 10,99
SUBURBAN SCUM - Ultimate Annihilation - CD
Recorded, mixed and mastered with producer Will Putney at the Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ (Body Count, Vision Of Disorder, The Acacia Strain), "Ultimate Annihilation" delivers Suburban Scum's tales of life's harsh lows with more vibrant depth and devastating clarity than any of the band's prior recordings. Taking the band's riotous, straightforward energy to new levels of ferociousness through a dozen crushing tracks of full-bore, Jersey metallic hardcore. Japanese version with different logo plus two bonus tracks.  FFO: Merauder, All Out War, District 9, Terror, Trapped Under Ice
Retribute Records
£ 11,99
KING NINE - Death Rattle - CD
Four years since the release of their debut full length, ‘Scared To Death’, New York’s own King Nine deliver ‘Death Rattle’.
​Produced and engineered by Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Power Trip, Inquisition) this album is 11 metallic hardcore tracks of raw aggression
FFO: Trail Of Lies, Cold As Life, Incendiary, Judiciary, Criminal Instinct
Retribute Records
£ 10,99
PRIMAL AGE vs. xMOSTOMALTAx vs. CHERISH - Kill A Theory Vol II - split - CD
Straight Edge hordes from France, Argentina and Japan on one CD in 3way split. Four songs from each band.
FFO: Edge Metal, Vegan Metal Core, 90s metalcore
Seven Eight Life / Dealight / Retribution / Vegan Records
£ 7,99
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