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HUMAN DEMISE - The Odditorium - CD
HD brings you crushing, bile spitting hardcore with dark metallic twists. Sick, anger-spitting lyrics with heavy guitar parts and bone crushing drum parts plus their singer has got one hell of a throat; his downright spine-chilling screams fit the ominous atmosphere perfectly. Whether you call it Holy Terror, Cleveland-style hardcore, just plain metalcore, or whatever tag you want to pin on it, fact remains that this band will blow you away.
FFO: Integrity, Ringworm, In Cold Blood
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£ 3,99
All For Nothing are hardcore band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On this MCD you can find five energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, punishing breakdowns and melodic riffs. Featuring guestvocals by Michiel Walrave (The Real Danger/Nothing Done)
FFO: No Turning Back, Sick Of It All, Bane, Comeback Kid & This Is Hell 
WTF Records
£ 5,99
ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS - 20 Years Of Attitude - 2xCD
To celebrate the 20th anniversary O.A.C is back with a brand new CD "20 Years Of Attitude". 10 awesome new songs and on top of that they re-recorded 10 classic O.A.C. songs, chosen by the fans and pressed on a separate CD. The music has been mixed and mastered by Jacob Olsen for that awesome sound. All packed in a nice digipack. This is O.A.C.`s way to say thanks to their fans for 20 years of friendship!!
FFO: Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Death Threat, Death Before Dishonor
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£ 11,99
PROBATION ‎– Fucked By Life - MCD
Put a vocalist/bass player from the metal scene, a guitar player from the hardcore scene and a drummer from the punk/trash scene in a blender. That makes Probation!
The heaviness of Crowbar, the dark edge like Kickback, the nineties vibe of Machine Head and the speed like Biohazard. ‘Fucked by Life’ is about to be unleashed upon society. Crossing over between metalcore, stoner rock, hardcore and heavy metal Probation will rock the stages and take no prisoners!
FFO: Tragedy, Grief and early Biohazard
WTF Records
£ 5,99
OLDE YORK - Shallow World  - CD
Olde York is coming back three years after their debut album “Empire State”. Their style didnt change much but got little bit more mature sound, produced by Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Skarhead, Crown of Thornz). If you’re looking for an old school NYHC record in the vein of Sick Of It All, Breakdown & Agnostic Front look no further than Olde York’s “Shallow World”. 
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£ 8,99
HUMAN DEMISE - Of Wicked Men And Their Devices CD
A new episode of raging and trashing holy terror metalcore!! Sick, anger-spitting lyrics with heavy guitar parts and bone crushing drum parts plus their singer has got one hell of a throat; his downright spine-chilling screams fit the ominous atmosphere perfectly.
FFO: Ringworm, Integrity, Strife, Kickback, Pulling Teeth, Clevo / Holy Terror
WTF Records
£ 6,99
HARD RESISTANCE – 1994 Retrospective 2014 - 2xCD
To celebrate their 20th anniversary Hard Resistance brings you 20 classic Hard Resistance songs from day one until present day, re-recorded and mixed in a new explosive sound!! Metallic hardcore, firmly rooted in classic NYHC. The newer songs do seem to be a lot more focused as the band now knows exactly which triggers to pull for maximum body count. Killer digipak packaging gives all praise to the rich history of this band.
FFO: Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Pro-Pain and Cro-Mags
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£ 10,99
SCARBORO – Wolves On The Radio - MCD
Scarboro is a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn (NY).Formed in 2012, Scarboro specializes in short catchy songs with a hardcore edge and they’re bloody great. With one foot firmly planted in the really old school NYHC camp and the other dancing around all of the early melodic West Coast bands like D.I. and The Adolescents, these cats really can do no wrong. And Scarboro, just like the eighties punk rock scene(s) that inspired and nurtured them, are all kinds of cool…
FFO: Bad Religion, Descendents, H20, 7 Seconds
WTF Records
£ 5,99
SPIDER CREW - Sounds Of Hatered - CD
The title of the album wraps it up. ‘Sounds Of Hatered’ is filled with angry pissed off hardcore, without losing the classic Spider Crew working class street vibe. Featuring members and ex-members of Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain and bandmembers from all over the globe, band creates an exciting mix of (New York) hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority.11 brand new tracks wich are more diverse than ever.
FFO: Warzone, Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood
WTF Records
£ 9,99
SPIDER CREW - Too Old To Die Young - MCD
Spider Crew strikes again with a hard as nails, straight up hardcore MCD bringing it back to the ‘You Better Recognize’ days. 8 tracks of raging working class hardcore, 4 brand new tracks and 4 classic Spider Crew songs completely re-recorded.
FFO: Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front, Discipline, Blood For Blood,
WTF Records
£ 5,99
SPIDER CREW - Still Crazy But Not Insane - CD

Spider Crew (formed back in 1999) hailing straight out of Austria`s capital Vienna. Featuring members and ex-members of Only Attitud Counts  and Bust THe Chain and with two raging vocalists on board (Juergen and Sean Inc from New York City) Spider Crew creates an exciting mix of hardcore and streetpunk full of energy and rage against authority.
FFO: Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front, Discipline, Blood For Blood
WTF Records
£ 7,99
STILL SCREAMING – From The Ashes Of A Dead Time - CD
Still Screaming was formed in the spring of 2005 by former members of Brightside, Shaft, Skyz The Limit and Point Break. Album "From The Ashes Of A Dead Time" has 14 hardcore songs full of energy and passion with massive singalongs, breakdowns and a thick groove.
FFO: Blood For Blood, Cold World Down To Nothing and Dead Hearts
WTF Records
£ 5,99
BULLDOG COURAGE – From Heartache To Hatred - CD
A fierce combination of in-your-face street punk and east coast hardcore all wrapped up in one ugly, defiant package. Based out of Albany, NY, the band is not easily compared to any other punk rock or hardcore outfit around, but it`s not hard to find yourself wrapped up in their world of love, loss, loyalty, heartache and hatred. After listening to the band just once, it`s almost as if they have been with you all along. Their songs herald unique stories of family and friendship that burn right into you.
FFO: Blood For Blood, Wisdom In Chains, Agnostic Front and Discipline
WTF Records
£ 7,99
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